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    So im pretty much a newbie to running. Im a 20yrs old, male, 5"8, 160 pounds 12% body fat. Just started running like 2 months ago. And i ran my first 5k race in 23:00. I want to get to 18/17 minutes but honestly i have no idea how. Currently throughout the week i do about 3 different types on training then i run a 5k on fridays. 

    12x400m sprints....45 sec rest in between

    400m @ 5k pace, 800 meters slow pace, 400m 5k pace x 3.....5 mins rest inbetween

    10 mile run at really easy pace 

    but honestly i have no real idea what im doing. I just kinda made up these workouts. I have a race tomorrow and im pretty nervous. I really want to get to a 18 minute 5k by september, is this feasible? I JUST WANT HELP!!! so glad i found this website..

      It just took me about 9 months, over a thousand miles run, and another thousand on the bike to drop my time from 22:43 last September to 19:52 this week. That's just an improvement of 2:49. I imagine it will take even more work get to sub 19.

      You are looking to drop 5 minutes in the next 4 months? Unless you are about to unleash a boatload of raw natural talent and sandbagged your last race this might be a longer term project than you expect. Since you just started running just two months ago I'd say ditch most of the speed stuff so you don't get injured and focus on building your milage and base. If you are running 5Ks frequently you'll watch the times drop and get a better idea of your progression along the way.

      Of course I might be under estimating the potential of youth. When I was your age I used to crawl out of bed and run 20-21 5K not yet sober from the previous night's "carbo loading."


        That's how I used to think to.  Good for you, you never know.  You can check out my progression on my log if you go back to the beginning. I'm pretty much your size but alot older.  I think you need to build miles up to build your cardio, more miles first, you probably have speed no problem.  Also, dropping 5 lbs will help also.  You will see great improvement in the first 6 months just by being consisent, but again I think running 6 days a week will help more than anything.  Go hard/easy/hard/easy.  Also, read about running drills to work on your form.


        Good luck.


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          Go hard/easy/hard/easy.  Also, read about running drills to work on your form.



          Plus it's ok to sometimes have two easy days in a row Smile

          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.