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The magic of age grading. (Read 213 times)

    Someone in a different thread recently reminded me that there are tables to compare performance at different ages, and at different distances. (Google "Runbayou" or "age grading running" to find on-line calculators.) I have a friend at work whose son has run a couple of Mississauga half marathons, and whose times beat mine by several minutes. He is 30 years old, jock type, used to play lacrosse at the professional level for Hartford and Phoenix. He is really too big for distance running, 6'2" and strongly built, but ran 1:40 recently, about 10 minutes faster than my best effort. But since I am 57 my time is about 1:32 after age grading, so I've got him! What a sissy runner! Imagine getting beaten by an old guy who's going to get a senior's discount on his bus fare in a couple of years! Simon.

    PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                        10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


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      Yes, I love that age graded thing. I found an age graded calculator on-line www.runnersworld.com/cda/agegradingcalculator/0,7977,s6-238-277-415-0,00.html and it looks like I am actually under 2 hours for a half marathon & less than 25 minutes for a 5K (both goals of mine). Gotta love it!!! Big grin

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      1) STAY INJURY FREE!!!

      2) Get to 189 lbs by the end of July 2014...and stay there (as of 4-25-14 was at 203 lbs)

      3) Complete Ironman Chattanooga in under 14 hours

      4) Break 4 hours in a stand alone marathon (Goal race=Rocket City 12/13/14)

      5) 4,500 total overall miles for the year:

               Swim: 100 miles

               Bike: 3,000 miles

               Run: 1,400 miles

        I did a age graded 4 miler last year, all awards were by age grading, there were 62 runners & I finished #31 actual & #31 after age grading. I told the director that I should get the I acted my age award. Big grin I never have seen so many fast guys over age 55 in one race. Two were nationally ranked in their age group, but they're just local guys, there weren't any money awards.

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          I don't think I like that calculator! My son's number is 88, and mine is 51. Shouldn't genetics mean I'm faster than that?? Wink