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    Good luck VF! I did a splash 'n dash once and absolutely loved it-much more than triathlons. I'd like to do more but my swim has suffered since taking new job last summer.


    MTA: You've inspired me to check local ones-I've got almost 4 weeks to get my swimming in gear to do either a 1m/3m or 2m/6m aquathlon. 2m is too far for me right now but I like the idea of 6m run at the end.

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    California International Marathon, December 4



      Awesome Redrunner!


      Yeah, I'm excited to have found this one. Unfortunately, not very many people are signed up. Which means they might not offer it again next year. I don't know why more people don't jump at the chance. We have an open water 2.4 mile swim here every May  (The Lowcountry Splash) and it gets over 200 entries. So I know people around here can swim!

        I am sure swimming that far must be daunting for a lot of people, I am pretty sure I could not swim a mile!


        Ran about 5 today in a light rain. Off work tomorrow- opening ceremony, got friends coming over to watch it, I am very excited.

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