Half Marathon Trainers


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    Good luck VF! I did a splash 'n dash once and absolutely loved it-much more than triathlons. I'd like to do more but my swim has suffered since taking new job last summer.


    MTA: You've inspired me to check local ones-I've got almost 4 weeks to get my swimming in gear to do either a 1m/3m or 2m/6m aquathlon. 2m is too far for me right now but I like the idea of 6m run at the end.


      Awesome Redrunner!


      Yeah, I'm excited to have found this one. Unfortunately, not very many people are signed up. Which means they might not offer it again next year. I don't know why more people don't jump at the chance. We have an open water 2.4 mile swim here every May  (The Lowcountry Splash) and it gets over 200 entries. So I know people around here can swim!

        I am sure swimming that far must be daunting for a lot of people, I am pretty sure I could not swim a mile!


        Ran about 5 today in a light rain. Off work tomorrow- opening ceremony, got friends coming over to watch it, I am very excited.

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