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Florence, SC Half Marathon, 1/9/10 (Read 514 times)

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    I mentioned this a while back in the main forums, but if any of y'all are looking for a small, minimally supported, mostly flat and boring HM, this one will do the trick.  Link to follow, if they actually post it on line this year...


    Oh, and I'm new to this thread, but not RA.  I am a slow but happy runner, and if I am not specifically training for a hm, I just sit home and eat ice cream.

      I thought about running this one. You say it's minimally supported and boring?

        I see what you mean. I looked up last year's results and there were only 51 finishers.




        That could get lonely over 13.1 miles! I ran one last week like that and was completely alone through most of the race. Not that I need that much hand-holding, but it's nice to have some other runners around and a little friendly competition to make it seem like a race!

          ThinbyXmas and Richard, nice to see you here and hope you'll stick around and get to know soem of the people here.


          Richard, you especially will fit right in with a few of us regulars, males just over thier mid 50s (sounds better than late 50s) and your times are right up there with us. 




          "Today I broke my record for most consecutive days lived!"

            Thanks for the welcome Larry! I'll definitely start keeping up with this forum. I've run five half marathons this fall and have one more in December (Thunder Road) before the end of the year. I'm trying to get used to the 13.1 mile distance. I've got 3 HM's coming up in about a 5 or 6 week period in March with the Running Journal Grand Prix (Myrtle Beach, Germantown, and Little Rock) and I'd like to be in pretty good shape to run all three of those. I'm not terribly motivated to run a long run every week unless it's in a race so I've been trying to do a half marathon every time one is close enough to get to.