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    Hi folks! Okay... the 1/2 is now just 2 weeks + 1 day away. I'm growing ever more excited! Unfortunately I've been battling a coming/going cold all week (it just won't leave completely) and have opted to take another rest day today... which is killing me! I rarely ever take 2 rest days in one training week. Hmmm... maybe that's why I have a cold?? Wink I'm still planning on doing my long run tomorrow-- 13 miles is on the schedule. Do y'all think I should try to run the last 5 or 6 miles at HMP? Or would that be overkill at this point? As far as tapering goes, I've been doing a lot of reading... trying to gather up as much info. as I can. My results lead me to believe that I should take a 35 -40% reduction in mileage this upcoming week and focus on maintaining harder workouts and cutting out the easy miles. The week before the 1/2, would be a 60 -65% reduction in mileage focusing on interval work at 5K to 10K pace. Am I on the right track here or way out in left field? Your thoughts? I have no idea what my trainer friend will be providing me with as far as a plan, but I know for certain that I want to be more involved in deciding what I do during these last 2 weeks. One thing that will probably cause a problem is that I am scheduled to attend a 4-day triathlon camp next Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thursday is a down day. Friday has a ride and a swim scheduled. Saturday has an optional 5K race on packed dirt, an open water swim and I believe another ride. Sunday is a long run. Camp ends noon on Sunday. I plan to totally pace myself through the camp. There's lots of class time scheduled and I'm going more for the info. than for the actual training sessions anyway. I plan on being strong enough to know when to say 'when'. Thanks again for all of your help! I'm not only getting super excited about the event, but I can't wait to report back to y'all! Big grin

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    Sub-1:42 for half marathon √ (1:41 at Disney, Jan '12)

    Sub-22 for 5k √ (21:51 in Sept '12)

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