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    Hello fellow HMers Do any of you eat or use gels on your weekly long run - especially for those of us where our HM times may be 2 hours +. I usually just run with watered down Gatorade, but once I went to 10 miles I had a bit of a date/ fruit bar around the one hour mark. PS I'm using the MAF method so I'm training really slowly. How might this work on race day, when one is (hopefully) running a bit faster? Any opinions? Thanks A



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      When I run a half marathon, I usually take two Accel gels (chocolate w/ caffeine is my favorite). I’ll take the first at approx 4.5 miles, and then another at approx 9 miles. When training (on runs over 8-10 miles), I’ll take one every 4.5 to 5 miles. So if my training run is 10 miles, I'll take my gel at around 5 miles. BTW...what is the MAF method?

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        I think people's needs (or wants) may be different, I just drink water and sports drink myself. Probably best to experiment,in training runs, to find something which is palatable and does not cause stomach distress. On longer training runs (over 2:30) I have tried dried fruit, Clif blocks, V8 juice (for the sodium) and a power bar. I cannot say for sure if any of these helped my running or reduced fatigue. Simon.

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          For training long runs, which are typically around 2 hours, I usually have some coffee and water then head out. I don't eat anything beforehand. I don't eat or drink during a run. For the half marathon I'll eat breakfast a couple of hours before the race (nothing heavy). I also have coffee and hydrate more than normal beforehand. I don't eat or drink during the race.


            Thanks guys... I'm going to experiment with eating around the one hour mark. Now that its getting warmer - my tummy is getting more sensitive so we'll see... "MAF method" is a form of training based around the book Training for Endurance by Philip Maffetone. Much more discussion in the "Low HR Training " user group. Basically I' try to keep my heart rate very low (143 based on my age 37) while base training. There are some other stipulations like no eating 2-3 hours before running and not during the first 30-40 minutes to train the body to use fat reserves for energy. Right now I'm doing one day of speed work to prep for a 5K in mid July - 12 weeks before my HM I'll do one day of tempo work per week, but otherwise slow it goes. A