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Streaking and pacing adjustments (Read 241 times)

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    I would say if they slip, let them slip. But dont try to force some arbitrarily slow pace either. 


    I have never ever run my easy runs as fast as the calculators say I should.  I think my "easy run" pace is supposed to be 9-9:30.  No, to me that is a medium-hard run.  9:45 is about as fast as I call easy.   Except on the rare day when suddenly 9:20 is easy.  Rare.   And today 10:45 was very very hard.

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    "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

      Interesting thread and posts. I don't have time to respond, but want to. I'll try later tonight. Ennay's comment about basing paces on races that you were well trained for is great advice. I used to train based on my goal pace, and that didn't work out for me.





      I have not changed my pace due to streaking. The thing I use to determine how things are going is hunger level. If I am hungry a lot, and am miserable because of it, I need to cut back and/or slow down.


      My easy pace is two to three minutes slower than my 5K pace. I run a lot more 5K races than any other distances, so my paces start there. When I run on the treadmill, I set the pace to 5K pace + 2.5 minutes. This effort is a bit harder than what I would do if I just went out for a fun/leisurely run.


      You didn't ask for it, but here are some of my other paces Smile


      Interval pace. I only run intervals when I am racing. This year I started with a couple in April, built up to 5 X 1K, and plan to stop doing them the first week of October, just before my last race. I may get sick of them and stop earlier though. This workout is the second longest run of my week. I haven't figured out the most efficient/effective/best interval pace. A couple years ago I was running a few seconds slower than 5K pace. The past couple weeks I have been doing them a little faster than current 5K pace, actually my goal 5K pace.


      5K pace + 35 to 50 seconds = tempo pace. I run this effort in the middle of my longest run of the week. I use heart rate and pace together to determine effort.


      5K pace + 80 to 90 seconds = estimated marathon pace. I have only run one marathon, and it was several years ago. I don't plan to run another one. Every fifth week I run a four to six mile run averaging 157 heart beats a minute, and call that marathon pace. It is a test/trial I do during a step back week to see how things are going.


      5K pace + 2 to 3 minutes = Easy pace.


      5K pace + 3 or more minutes = I LOVE THIS PACE. I could run that speed for a long time, and have a grand old time. I usually run this pace during the winter and days when I don't feel like running easy pace. I tend to gain weight and my blood work (cholesterol) gets worse when I only run this pace. For me, the other paces get me in shape, and give me perspective to get a lot of enjoyment running slow.


      Good running everyone.

        streaking newbie, only 110 days. Pace is more dependent on mileage for me. Below 35 miles per week, easy pace is MP +1 to 2 minutes, 40-50 per week easy pace is about 30 seconds quicker, 60+ miles per week easy pace is MP +30 seconds.


        BUT, I have no problem running MP +2 minutes even with the higher mileage weeks. The lower easy pace just comes easier.


        Funny how the body adapts to the paces. Some days just come easier or harder than others.

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          When I feel like running fast, I run faster.


          When I feel like running slow, I run slower.


          Some runs I do both.


          Not sure why or what streaking has anything to do with this...


          Are you tired all the time from streaking or something?


          This describes my entire training method!    See, I'm all good then.

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          One day at a time

            I think my body is a little tired!  My pace has slowed down a lot.  So today I stuck to 1.0 mile.  Yesterday I ran more than I should have, because we were in Bar Harbor my son's state HS meet.  I could run directly from our hotel to the carriage roads in Acadia National Park.  There was a 4.6-mile loop around Witch Hole Pond that I couldn't resist!  Beautiful scenery, 52 degrees and overcast, and perfect running surface (very fine, gray gravel).  One of the best runs I've ever had, even though it was very slow.


            28 days in a row now!