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Day 365 in the Books! (Read 231 times)

    This morning I was up bright and early because I couldn't sleep anymore but the bonus was getting to feed our 6 week-old her 5 o'clock bottle.  At 6:30 I left home to hit the gym before work.  One hour and four miles later the streak was extended to 365 days!  This has been a great challenge.  I can honestly say I enjoyed almost every day of it.  There are days I look back on and think, "I could have ran more that day but..." (fill it in with any one from an array of ways life takes priorities over time to give to running).  Some interesting stats from my streak to date:


    365 days straight of at least one mile

    1 days run in that time where the mileage was exactly one mile on a treadmill

    99 runs of 1.2 to 2 miles for the day

    179 runs of 2 to 4 miles

    31 runs of 4 to 6 miles

    56 runs greater than 6 miles


    Total mileage:  1,258.9 in 366 runs


    I don't know when this will end but the wisdom shared in this group certainly played a big part in me completing this goal.  My biggest concern embarking on this challenge was injury.  I stayed injury-free and came out on the other side of the year with a solid base for training next year.  The goal sheet for 2010 does not include a daily running streak but the monthly total miles I am definitely setting at 100.  That streak went to six consecutive months this morning so I want to maintain that mileage through 2010.  The miles aren't the issue there.  It is more about the commitment required day in and day out to accomplish that feet.


    Thanks to everyone who has shared their journey and thoughts on the forum.  I'll remain in the group as long as I am streaking!

      Nice job.  Interesting stats there, might have to pull those together for me - though I am sure I have WAY more days that were at just one mile.


      AGain - great job, keep it up.





        Congratulations!  I find it especially impressive that you have kept up your streak with a newborn.  Good luck with your plans for 2010.


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          Congratulations!  I find it especially impressive that you have kept up your streak with a newborn.  Good luck with your plans for 2010.

           No kidding.  As I type, I am waiting for my wife to get back and watch the monitor (as the baby is asleep in the other room) so I can get to the treadmill and put in 3 or 4 miles before we party some.  As a new father I am extraordinarily impressed that you were able to keep a streak going while you and your wife had another kid.  Congratulations! 

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            Nice work!  Congratulations!


              had to go put together my own stats like you did.  I definitely had a lot more one mile days than you did.


              <colgroup><col style="width: 56pt;" width="75" /><col style="width: 48pt;" span="3" width="64" /></colgroup>
                2008 2009 Total
              1 mile 45 46 91
              1-2 miles 75 77 152
              2-4 miles 38 82 120
              4-6 miles 115 112 227
              >6 miles 109 139 248
              Total Runs 382 456 838
              Total Miles 1860 2189 4049


              Interesting thing for me was that I had 91 days in 2009 that I ran doubles - didnt think it would be that high.


              Keep on trekking everyone



                Thanks for the encouragement everyone and Jeff for the stats - a very interesting summary.

                In it for the long run..

                  Somehow I missed this thread.  Congratulations!

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                      Super congrats on the year!!  Keep it up. 


                      I just put day 537 in the logs.  It was one of those all too rare days here in the Pacific Northwest that I could run outside.  Of course that statement justifiably sounds like whining to our friends on the East Coast.