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New challenge - each day run longer! (Read 247 times)

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    I've not been running longer as I thought I would, so I'm going to try a new "streak" this week - see how many days in a row I can run longer than the previous day.  Minimum increase: 0.1 miles.  So, today I ran 2.0 miles.  In order to keep my new streak alive, tomorrow I need to run AT LEAST 2.1 miles.  And so on.  Obviously this is not a streak to keep alive indefinitely.  I just want to see if it helps me get over my mental hurdle of not wanting to run longer.


    Wish me luck!

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      Good luck and go wingz go!

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


      I fly.

        Good luck! 


        I will not be participating in this challenge.  Smile

        Bring it on.

        Roses Revenge

          Have fun.  Since I did 19.47 today, I won't be doing this.  Even if I hadn't done almost 20 miles today, I wouldn't be doing this.  But, if I'd known I was that close to 20, I'd have gone another half mile +.  I was only supposed to do 30K (18.6) today. I'd have easily been able to do another 7 miles to hit marathon distance, and maybe another 12 miles for a 50K.  And, I think this was day 70 of the streak so I'm feeling good.

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            LOL - thanks y'all.


            My goal is to break the mental inertia that's kept me at no more than 3.0 miles per run.  I'm thinking I'd like to make it up to 5 mile runs.  We'll see.


            Off to do day #2...

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              Sounds like a fun idea -- your graph is going to look really cool!  Good luck!


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                Sounds like a fun idea -- your graph is going to look really cool!  Good luck!

                 Hey, I hadn't thought of the graph part!  That's a good reason to keep it at exactly 0.1 mile increase/day.  Wink


                Ok, 2.2 done today.  Uff... You should have heard me whine!  On second thought, maybe it's better you didn't.  Wink

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                  2.3 done today, in what ended up being an impromptu tempo run.  This was day 4 of my mini-streak.  Feeling good so far.  No whining today, just determination and starting to remember why it is that I fell in love with running the first time - it was because I could set little goals for myself and then meet them and feel successful!


                  So far, so good!  Tomorrow's 2.4 miles / day 5.

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                    Since I did a long run today, I won't be running longer tomorrow.  But does it count that I planned an 18 miler & ended up running longer...19.1...today?  Ok, so part of it was poor planning & my car was still another 1.1 miles away when I hit 18 & there was no shorter way to get there.  But I did it, and it felt good, and it helped me clear a hurdle with my issues of not wanting to/thinking I couldn't do long runs.
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                      Rrrr.  I made it 6 days.Ran out of will, energy, and time on a day when it's often been hard for me to get just 1 mile in.  Made it 1.3.    Will re-start this challenge tomorrow.  Heh - I didn't make streaking work the first time I did it either.  Perhaps it's just like that.

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                        Don't be so hard on yourself.  Your streak is still going and you've run more miles than you did last week. 

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                          So maybe this wasn't such a good idea.  After two weeks, and two "resets" at successively lower levels, I'm looking elsewhere.  Heh.  Well, it was worth a shot!


                          Next stop: more structure and starting to try to include one long run/wk.  I've planned out September (I used to plan for months at a time, lol!) so all I have to do (theoretically) is follow that plan.


                          Still streaking.  But that's more out of habit than motivation right now.  Eh.  Habit's good enough.

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