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How is everyone doing? (Read 161 times)


    Coming up on the end of year 3 for me, so I am pretty excited about that.


    I just hired a coach and hopefully that will help motivate me into at least the first half of next year.  I want to try to bust my 5K PR this year - by a lot if I can, so that is my main focus.


    But alas, the snow has also started to come down and that tends to bring me down a bit when I start running in it.  Some days it's fine, but others I'd almost rather get on the treadmill.


    how is everyone else doing this holiday season.




    PS - Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


      Hi Jeff!


      Streak is still going strong for me.  I have started my 50K training, which is going to take some adjusting.  I am not used to doing my long runs on Saturday but I really want to do some back to back longer runs as part of my training.  It has been hard to motivate with the colder weather but at least we have been lucky to not have any snow or ice.


      Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and a very happy New Year!  Hopefully we will all continue streaking in 2011! 


      MM #2929


        Staying pretty steady for me, despite the ongoing snow the last few days, with nearly all runs still outside. To be honest I could live without the constant wind if I had to just put up with a little snow and slush and cold. The wind is wearing me down. I always seem to be running against it on my way home when I'm tired, wet and cold.


        My streak helped me reach 2000 miles for the year. Those two goals supported each other well.


        Interesting about your new coach, Jeff. I also just hired a coach to help push down my marathon PR in the Spring. I'm planning to run Hyannis as a test run before Boston, but I have hopes of a PR at Hyannis to take some of the pressure off Boston. But his Tuesday workouts are making my Wednesday recovery runs pretty slow, but still counting as runs nonetheless.


        This coach is very supportive of the every day running thing though, so it's working well so far

        Intentionally Blank

          Today made day 33 for me.  Small change for you all, but a streaking pr for me.

          Country Fried

            My streak helped me reach 2000 miles for the year. Those two goals supported each other well.


            I am hoping for the same.  Today was day 81.  Under 62 miles to go...

              357 days for me, do not put the miles in like most of you do but still getting out everyday last year did 127 days in a row untill then best streak was a couple weeks , I am happy, wanted more miles this year but these 60 year old legs tell me to back off sometimes so just do a lot of 1 mile runs but hanging in there and hope to put more miles up next year.Cool

              Turning back the clock one mile at a time

                Doing good here, I have already surpassed my goal of 2,100 miles this year. One more week to make my goal of running everyday of 2010. When I woke up on New Years morning of this year I decided to attempt this goal. It has been a real good thing. I have run in 4 different countries and managed to run at least 3 miles every day, except for one day in South America I only had time for 2.5 miles. I have decided to end my streak on January 1 though. I just feel if I don't end it after I have achieved what I set out to, I will not know when to end it. It's been great and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.