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    did two races over the weekend Friday 5km on an undulating course 25:15 Best time in 3 years and 25 seconds quicker than last month Sunday 5 miles flat and fast course 40:45 Quickest time in 4 years and 2nd fastest time ever. My quickest time was almost 20 years ago!!!!!! Summary 5km was at 8:07 pace, 5 miler at 8:09 pace. Granted i did start 5 miler at 5km pace to see what happened, test myself i did slow in 4th mile But a few peeps said i looked strong at the finish I am sure it is related to running everday. Next race is a half marathon on Sunday, but will be training through 5kms are my focus now. But it will be interesting to see what happens though i have only run one 13 miler since mid April when i did my marathon It would be interesting to see what changes others have experienced?
      Congratulations about those races. Your 5 miler predicts around a 1:53 half. Will that be your goal? I think you are ready for a great race (coming off marathon training, plus the confidence your training is giving you). Good luck.
      It would be interesting to see what changes others have experienced?
      You know, I am not sure. My next race is a 5 miler on June 22. I hope to run fast!

        I did notice a change. I started at the beginningo f the year and then in March I dropped my 5K time by 44 seconds (21:00 to 20:16). Unfortunately something is quirky with me right now as I cant seem to find my stride when racing and my times are starting to slip. I notice that some of my easy runs that I do by myself (as opposed to with my running group where teh slower runners tend to set the pace) have been sub - 8:00s so maybe that is good, or maybe bad as I should be running my easy runs slower. I still find that running in general is easier now and the 16 miler I did last week felt pretty good even though I havent run that far in a long long time.

          Mainerunner Thanks - I did a half at the end of march, a flat route apart from a couple of railway bridges as it was 2 weeks before my marathon i was kind of holding back finished in 1:56:46, so 1:53 would be nice. Good luck in your 5 miler, you must let us know how you do. Smile Jeff well done on your 5k times. I'm sure your times will come back
            The only real change I've noticed is, before joining this group I used to wrestle with the decision should I run today or should I rest. Now it's Definitely I'm running, the sometimes difficult part is when. So far it's meant starting as early as 6am and as late as 11:00 pm. Almost missed it that 11:00pm day. I'm so focused on this I just may start carrying a gym bag in the car and no matter where I am if it's getting late....excuse me for a few minutes Big grin

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            Oh Mighty Wing

              I noticed I really like running! Big grin This is the most consistent I have EVER been! (I've only been running a year but still I can't imagine how I trained for any sort of distance before this!)

                Half marathon run today Did not know what to expect, as though i have been running everyday for the past 7 weeks i've not run that far really plus others said it was warm today, although i didn't consider it to be that hot. Maybe another factor how running everyday conditions you I was conscious of not starting too fast but thats what i did but ended up finishing in 1:53:46. so mainerunner you were right. Eerily enough i just checked my time on Jack Daniels vdot tables an absolute favourite of mine, and judging on my 5 miler last week he predicts a time for the half of 1:53:46 How cool is that?

                Oh Mighty Wing

                  Pammie - great job!!! That is really cool that you ran your prediction!
                    Congratulations - the Jack Daniels prediction is bizarre. The heat you had arrived in Maine today - wow.
                      Congatulations Pammie -It is remarkable the predicted time matched your time exactly. Does Daniels have a book about the stock market? Big grin

                      "The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling." - Lucretius

                      q day

                        I use Jack Daniel's VDOT tables all the time too, and find them very accurate, but right on the second, Awsome! Congrats on hitting your goal! D

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                          Mainerunner ... Good luck in your 5 miler, you must let us know how you do. Smile
                          I ran the five miler this morning, and am sort of / kind of happy. I finished in 36:39, which was what I thought I was capable of doing. All the details are in a race report blog - link in signature. Happy running all!

                            MaineRunner Congrats on your 5 miler brilliant time.

                            Oh Mighty Wing

                              nice job mainerunner!