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Weekly Check-in 06/15/09 (Read 264 times)


    Another pretty long mileage week for me hitting 60 miles for the third week in a row.  but as noted in another post, I am kind of tired right now - though that could have been the two hours of basketball I played with the kids last night.  Four weeks to my target 5K, so probably two more high mileage weeks then I will back down a bit to make sure the legs are nice and rested and fresh.


    I have really been enjoying my hard workout days lately.  I know I cant do them every day but getting in some fast running has reminded me why I do this I think, and has helped to get rid of some of the "slow, long mileage kinks" that my legs were developing.


    OK, milestones this week:


    mikburlingame - 500 days

    mainrun - 14 months

    makers - 200 days

    Trent - 6 months

    lorrieg - 175 days

    oldman - 4 months

    albertoknox - 4 months

    Pammie - 50 days

    backroadrunner - 1 month

    vkay - double digits


    Best of luck everyone and Happy Streaking this week!




    Goodnight Monkey

      Taper week for me, then Grandma's marathon on Saturday, just past 6 months. Big grin




        Taper week for me, too (Grandma's).  Drug myself out there after 3 1/2 hours of sleep due to CMAFest last night.  Kenny Chesney was worth it!

        Out there running since dinosaurs roamed the earth



          On a somewhat Geeky sidenote, as of today we have a cumulative running streak total of 4,532 days which means that after everyone runs tomorrow we will have a cumulative total of over 12 Years worth of days running.

          Chicago RnR 1/2 Marathon

            I'm gradually trying to build my mileage again now that I'm getting in a routine with mom living here.  Last week I managed 24 miles (including almost 9 in the rain on Saturday).  My first half marathon is August 2.


              I'll be re-setting myself. Sad Had an awesome trail run on Saturday on some very difficult terrain. Ironically, my partner and I went hiking in the afternoon, and I took a nasty fall on an easy part of the trail. Sprained my right ankle and bruised my hip. The ankle is not yet runable, I think I'll attempt again tomorrow.

              PRs: 27:26 5k/ 49:52 5mi/ 58:17 10k/ 2:09:24 half/ 5:13:17 Full

              Post-Bipolar PRs: 38:35 5k/ 1:09:34 8k/ 1:09:39 5mi/ 1:33:03 10k/ 3:20:40 Half


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              A Saucy Wench

                Good luck at Grandmas Trent and HStreet!


                Last week was just a sucky week all around.  I had no interest in running and virtually every day cut my run short.  Only ONLY the streak got me out there most of the days.  Thank god for that. 


                Sorry you sprained your ankle Chris Sad


                Jeff - geek


                I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


                "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

                  Very slowly mixing a little barefoot running--we're talking tenths of a mile here.

                  Professional Noob

                    Chris - sorry to hear about the ankle!  It's always the easy parts of the trail that are so dangerous...


                    My body's been telling me it wants rest.  Not no-running kind of rest, but sleep.  Actual sleep.  And here I am, up in the middle of the day again.  *sigh*  Sometimes it's hard to be nocturnal.  Wink


                    I've been having strange foot pains lately, and have been cutting back on the miles and intensity to try to make it go away.  I think it's just my feet saying they don't like what I've been doing lately.  I hope that if I keep it easy this week that they'll forgive me and I can get back into my ever-increasing insanity...


                    Trent - 6 months, eh?  Sure you don't want to take a day or two off before Grandma's?  Just think how much extra energy you'd have for your big race if you took a few complete rest days...

                    Roads were made for journeys...

                      Last week was the fourth week in a row I ran 35 miles. This week I'll cut back and run 30 miles, but will do two "hard" workouts.


                      Sunday, June 7, I planned to run 10 miles with miles 3 to 6 at tempo pace. Did mile 3 at goal pace, but felt tired/warn down so I took ran the rest of the miles easy. The next day I did four miles at a hard pace. Later in the week I did a 5 X 1K workout. The first and last kilometer were at my goal 5K pace, and the middle ones were around 10K pace.

                        Last week can be summed up in one word, "Terrible!"  I failed to break 20 miles for the week for the first time in two months.  This was due in part to it being a very busy week (and this week is even more busy) and fatigue.  The only saving grace is the streak survived.


                        Congrats on the milestones this week.  Keep pressing ahead and I'll do my best to keep up!


                          Had a good week in spite if having to run in the rain every single morning!  My legs are definitely feeling stronger again -- I had a really good 16 mile run yesterday that felt great.


                          Good luck Trent and Karen!


                          Sorry about the ankle Chris -- hopefully it will heal quickly.


                          Congrats to all with milestones, especially our grand total!


                          MM #2929

                            Chris-sorry to hear about your ankle.  Take care.


                            Restarted my streak on Thursday.  I have to run early in the morning to avoid as much heat as possible.  It gets my day off to a nice start though.


                            Good luck at Grandma's.



                            I fly.

                              I'm still here.  I ended up doing my long run last night instead of the morning.  Not my smartest move ever, but I got it done.  I'm going to go do 2 miles soon.  One week and I hit 100 days (not that I'm keeping track or anything).


                              Good luck to all.

                              Bring it on.



                                Jeff--congrats on the third week in a row of 60mpw!


                                Trent and HStreet-- kick some serious ass at Grandma's.


                                jb944--good luck on the build for the half. Which race are you doing?


                                Anne-- ((hugs)) Sucky weeks happen, I hope this one is better!


                                strings_n_88_keys-- Barefoot seems to be the in thing. Smile More power to y'all-- I'd turn my ankle within a 1/2 mile.


                                Wingz--Sleep is good. Smile Hope you keep the foot pains at bay!


                                mainrun-- good luck with the "hard" workouts!


                                farve3xmvp -- I hope this week is better!


                                Sara-- rain running = awesome. Glad all is well!!


                                vkay-- welcome back to the streak. I'll be chasing you as soon as I'm off the IR, and I'm looking forward to that.


                                Jill_B-- congrats in advance for hitting 100 days!!



                                Ankle Update-- As a perrenial klutz and flat-footed pronator, I'm used to sprains, so it is healing fairly well. I'm going to do a SUPER GENTLE .5 mile today to test where I am, but am not rushing back into things. I expect to be back on track by the weekend and hope to get my 13mi long run in while visiting Houston. Marathon training officially starts next week, and although I'm bummed this has had me sidelined since sunday (screwing up my build to 40mpw), I want to be healthy and strong for my next cycle.

                                PRs: 27:26 5k/ 49:52 5mi/ 58:17 10k/ 2:09:24 half/ 5:13:17 Full

                                Post-Bipolar PRs: 38:35 5k/ 1:09:34 8k/ 1:09:39 5mi/ 1:33:03 10k/ 3:20:40 Half


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