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    I was looking at the running log...is that current? I'm tired of being last...Smile Seriously though, if you look at the Reports menu it looks like there are about 4 people who seemingly no longer have a runningahead account.

    Oh Mighty Wing

      Jug - if they set their log to private it won't show in reports. However, they could still be members!
        I'm tired of being last...Smile
        Matter of fact, I was just going to request a reset. So, you'll no longer be last. Vacation played havoc with my running and I missed running early in it. Anyways, I'll need a reset starting on June 16. Paul
          I'll take care of the reset by tomorrow. Jeff

          Running around the ship

            I've been looking at other people's logs after reading your email and would have to agree. It looks like several people are updating their logs with gaps in their streaks. I wonder if they are not monitoring this forum or perhaps have forgotten. That would be a real trick to set the chart to pull date directly from the logs of members in this group. No big deal really, but those that are streaking should rightfully be climbing the ladder. After all, this group is for motivation! Mike
              I actually put in a request to have them pull in the consecutive days run numbers from people's logs - havent heard back on it yet though. The only caveat there is that some people who do use the forums on this site, do not necessarily use the log. That's why this is really an "honor code" type of thing. I just dont have time to keep monitoring everyone's logs to see if they end up with a gap - and then email them to see if they just forgot to enter it or actually had to start over. It would be great if there was a better way to keep it more accurate, but I know that mine is accurate and as long as you have given me the real start date yours should be too. Jeff
                Jeff, I don't expect you to look at everyone's logs, I like the honor system as well. I appreciate you keeping the log the way you do. It is a good motivational tool. I know I hated the day I had to reset my streak and I don't want to do that again if I can avoid it. However, the good thing about streaks is that if one ends another one can start.
                  Jeff, Many thanks for keeping the Mile a Day Totals list for us. Is it best to email you direct or post here when we need to reset? Paul

                  Oh Mighty Wing

                    Jeff, THANK YOU!!!!!!! You are wonderful!!
                      Jeff, Many thanks for keeping the Mile a Day Totals list for us. Is it best to email you direct or post here when we need to reset? Paul
                      Either one is fine. I check the message board several times a day usually so I'll get it pretty quickly either way.
                        And you guys are very welcome. I'm happy to do it - helps keep me motivated. And even though this is all done on the "Honor System" I would be interested to know how many of the 20 on our list are no longer streaking (or for that matter, if any of them are no longer on RA). Sorry, but I am a data junkie and having inaccurate data irks me to no end. Smile
                          According to people's logs, here are the current start dates - NA indicates that I either dont have access to the log (2 members) or they dont have any discernable streak going currently that I can see in the log. backstretch 4/2/2008 Captain Atom NA I think he may have told us he was stopping Dutchie42 NA jeffdonahue 12/31/2007 jsobo119 6/18/2008 jugdish 5/27/2008 kmc-tx NA No access to log leftylogan 6/16/2008 Lofcaudio 3/4/2008 MaineRunner2001 4/18/2008 mike burlingame 2/4/2008 Pammie NA I think she records somewhere other than RA pfriese 6/16/2008 racerunner1314 6/15/2008 Second Nature 1/1/2008 sfh1182 NA ShanHas 5/21/2008 tarbl NA No access to log turboterie1 6/18/2008 Young1 6/24/2006 Sorry, cant seem to figure out how to format it for easier reading in a table format.

                            Yes i do log elsewhere (fetcheveryone) where i started logging before i found this great place. If you like though may take some time i can transfer my runs from there to here. It may take a while though but won't really be able to do much till at least tomorrow night. Out racing tomorrow
                              It's not a big deal for me, unless Eric actually ever gets to putting the automatic streak-tracker up and running (and I'm sure he has WAY more important changes that need to be implemented before he gets to us). But if you were interested in doing it, you should check with him because there may be a way to dump the data from the other site adn upload it to here with minimal effort. I really wouldnt want you to have to re-enter everything again.

                              El Presidente

                                According to people's logs, here are the current start dates - Young1 6/24/2008
                                That should actually be 6/24/2006

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