Northeast PA


Frustration (Read 250 times)

    Anyone here ever get frustrated by their schedules (as if that is a real question)? I'm bashing my head into the wall. As well as I try to plan and get things done, by running is taking a hit over the last week. I have a big race coming up, an now I am even further behind! I'm starting to get ticked off at how things are not working out. I've gotta get my lazy butt out the door any time I have a chance, and not let life get in the way. Thanks for hearing out my rant. I have to go replace some drywall now... Evil grin
      Kyle, I know the feeling.... try juggling wife, 2 infant children and 12 hour work schedule then try to get a half-way decent workout in on those days.... hang in there, I'm sure everything will work itself out.