Northeast PA


Christy Mathewson Course
6 km. Added by Kyle (11/7/2007)
Tough course....nothing fast about it. GREAT race!
Fool's Run Course
10 mi. Added by Kyle (11/7/2007)
Another beast of a course. Miles 3-7 are nice, but other than that it's really hard! Beautiful 10 miler.
Junkyard loops
3.76 mi. Added by pilgrim247 (3/6/2007)
Lackawanna Heritage Trail
6.23 mi. Added by pilgrim247 (3/12/2007)
a nearly flat riverside rail trail with a parking lot at the trailhead
Lehigh Parkway 5K Loop
3.1 mi. Added by daisymae25 (6/6/2009)
For LVRR summer series races
Lehigh Valley Half Marathon
13.1 mi. Added by daisymae25 (6/6/2009)
North Scranton RR access road
4 mi. Added by pilgrim247 (3/22/2007)
This route is especially nice after a few inches of snow; the maintenance trucks make nice paths. The road gets rockier as one approaches Clarks Summit. WARNING: IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE, DON'T RUN ON THE TRACKS--THE TRAINS COMING DOWNHILL CAN BE QUIET BUT SWIFT.
O&W 6.67 out-and-back
6.67 mi. Added by pilgrim247 (4/9/2008)
Three laps of this makes a 20-miler. Park at Agway, run south on the rail trail, and turn around when you reach the woods after running alongside Rt. 171.
Recycling Center to Marywood baseball diamond out-and-back
2.02 mi. Added by pilgrim247 (3/26/2007)
Park across from the recycling center. Follow the quad trail to its end at the top of the hill, cut through a landscaping dump, turn left onto a paved drive, and run around the baseball diamond that's further up (not the one immediately on the right). Then glide happily back down the hill.
Run For the Cookies
10 km. Added by MattB (1/21/2008)
A great race to get the season started off with. Prize is cookies, for all of you who are actually in shape at the end of February.
Run For the Diamonds
9 mi. Added by MattB (6/5/2007)
The Run For the Diamonds has been held every Thanksgiving since 1908, except for once during WWI.
South Mountain 10-miler course
10 mi. Added by daisymae25 (6/6/2009)
Very challenging course with "the hill" in the middle!
Yours Truly 50K, NEPA Edition
50 km. Added by pilgrim247 (3/12/2007)
End-of-January international fun run: