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    i am thinking about trying a 50K race. How bad does that affect your training in the long run? I have only did one marathon so I am not sure what to think about it. Any suggestion on how to run it.

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        Is it a trail race or a road race? How long do you have to train for it? If you were running a marathon in an equivalent amount of time, would you be ready? A 50k is basically just a long marathon. There isn't any real difference, unless you on trails and are used to roads in which case you'll have some new but fun challenges. I'd basically just train as if you were getting ready for a marathon and you should be fine in the 50k. Maybe add a few miles to some of the long runs but it isn't really necessary. If you decide to jump up to 50 miles, though, that's a whole new ball o' wax. My 2 pence. (I've run a dozen or so marathons, 1 50k, 1 50 miler.)

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          it would be in october and is a trail run. i am not ready to run a marathon right now. the one i have done i ws not ready for either tho. i ran 45 to 55 miles a week with one 10 miler a week. i only did one run over 10 that was 14. i did run 2:50:25 so i guess that is not to bad for my shape. maybe i should just train hard a focus on a marathon in the fall instead.
            My 2 cents worth - You are going to need longer runs than 14 miles, and you need to train on trails, depending on how technical the trail will be on which the race is being run. For my 50k coming up in July, I will be topping off around 24 miles for my long run prior to tapering. If you've never done a trail run before, you might want to find a shorter distance one to get a feel for it. For me, running trails is a completely different animal than running roads. You can throw any preconceived ideas of how fast you should be running a certain distance right out the window. Smile Also my 2 cents worth - trail running is MUCH better than road running. I love it!

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              Also my 2 cents worth - trail running is MUCH better than road running. I love it!
              I love racing on the roads, but trail races are a lot of fun and it's a completely different type of crowd. I also prefer training on the trails; much less traffic!

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                trail racing is awesome and is totally a different kind of animal. i perfer trails a lot more now. i have been doing a trail series in dayton, ohio area that are some tough trails and some are easy. i just won one of the toughest trails they have on saturday. 10k with about 5 really good climbs and about a 600 meter climb for the finish.