Truman Parkway Training Route Support


where's the water? (Read 505 times)


    Standard water locations:

    • Mile 2: next to the Arundel Sign Company sign at the corner of South Haven and Rt 450
    • Mile 4: on the south side of 450 (your left heading out) just before the '4' painted on the shoulder of the road. There is a tiny clearing next to the road and a little triangular shelf nailed to the tree there.
    • Mile 6: just to your left on Hallmark Rd at the entrance of the community. It is just before the '6' painted on the shoulder of 450
    • Mile 8 on Bell Branch: on the right side of the road almost a mile after the '8' painted on the road. It is near some mailboxes. 
    • Mile 10 on Rutland Rd: on the left side of the road outside of the entrance to a community. It is just before Cheval Rd. There is a '10' painted on the shoulder nearby.
    • Camp Barrett: Next to a wooden rail fence at the entrance to the camp. It is on the right side of Chesterfield Rd at the intersection with Hawkins Rd)

    Rarely Used:

    • Hawkins and Crownsville Rd: on the right side of Hawkins Rd before Crownsville Rd and just before the houses. This is rarely provisioned, as it is only a mile after Camp Barrett and only 2 more flat miles back to Arundel Signs.
    • Mile 8 on 424: on the right side, before the '8' painted on the shoulder. (is the '8' still there? need more details. we rarely use this route)
    • Mile 10 on Riedel Rd: rarely used. there used to be a '10' painted on the road.

      The 424 8 mile water stop is traditionally just a bit past the entrance to the Crofton Park on the right side of the road, off the sidewalk about 8 feet, and slightly BEFORE the 8 mile mark on the road.



      The 10 mile marker on Reidel road is slightly past the golf course, on the right side of the road just off the sidewalk.


      Most of the time there is also water at 596 Pinedale Drive (near the top/end of Pinedale), which is a left turn after you turn onto South Haven from Truman Parkway, and just after you pass under the bridge that is Highway 50.  Pinedale is one mile in and one mile out.  I keep water there most Saturdays if you ever want to use this for some extra mileage on a fairly quiet street with some good hills, and where you can easily manage the road slant by going to either side of the road.  Water here is on the right hand side by the blue mailbox.