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Uh oh... now what?

    The Ohryghun women are 1,2, and 4 --- and into the place where Meghan

    seems to get stronger.  I hope, I hope, I hope.

      Said women comprised the US 100K team last year, won gold and set a bunch if records.

        My runner, Terry Sentinella, just came in to MB, 18 minutes behind nominal 24-hour pace. But those pace numbers are BS; he has plenty of time. Thing is, he's cramping. Could be a long night. But he's tough, and very experienced with heat. I'm optimistic.

        Uh oh... now what?

          Olson just checked in at Auburn Lake Trails, 85.2, still going...


          Good luck with your runner -- always thought pacing was more stressful than running.

          Uh oh... now what?

            Another woman of note -- Anna Piskorska, Michigan Bluff, 6:24 p.m.

              I go out to pace, and this thread stops?? It was brutal out there, hit 117 in the canyons. 2nd hottest WS ever.


              Tim Olsen won in 15:17. Pam Smith won women's in 18:37. Amazing times for these conditions.


              I'm a little trashed just from pacing. Awards coming up soon. Still damn HOT in Auburn.

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                My friends both finished. One in 25:30 and the other in 29:44. My teammate finished in 27:25. Super happy for all them but especially my 25:30 friend as he's crewing me at BR100. Can't beat having such a beast on my team while I'm out there!

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                  I see Terry finished. Congrats to him and you!

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                    I see Terry finished. Congrats to him and you!


                    Thanks. Yes, he finished, but he had a rough day. Planned 22-24, ran 26:23, lots of cramping and puking. Good thing is, this was grand slam race #1, and finishing is what counts. But I think he's going to be beat up for bit now. Traci is also a slammer, ran 26, was very unhappy. Both of them were on or ahead of 24-hour pace until about halfway through.

                      Any one with this quote has my vote.

                      Am also pulling for Mike Morton, seems like a nice guy and...Go Army!


                      I told Pam that Mac had told me this; I think he's in trouble now. She was mortified. Oops. Probably best not to mention that I propagated it farther.


                      Mike finished 3rd, setting a new masters record.


                      I talked to Pam a bit after awards today about how she did it. Her win was definitely not an accident. She was on a mission, and dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. It was pretty much gonna be her day.




                        Next Western States update: I am in for 2014!!!


                        I bought 10 raffle tickets, and got lucky.

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                          At mile # 62 Forrest Hill School

                          Olson ~ 9:27

                          Krar ~ 9:44

                          Morton ~ 9:46

                          Sharman ~ 9:49


                          At finish

                          Olson 15:17:27

                          Krar 15:22:05

                          Morton 15:45:21

                          Sharman 16:20:25


                          From 62 - finish

                          Olson ~ 5:50:27

                          Krar ~ 5:38:05

                          Morton ~ 5:59:21

                          Sharman ~ 6:31:25


                          I would like to say Krar should have started his kick a little earlier than mile #62 Smile


                          Reality ~ Olsen ran 6:30 pace the last 1.3 miles and Krar 8:31 ... I think someone might have been able to catch Olson, but they were not going to pass him or out kick him.

                          7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



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                            I told Pam that Mac had told me this; I think he's in trouble now. She was mortified. Oops. Probably best not to mention that I propagated it farther.


                            Lips zipped.

                            However, I read it aloud to my husband and you know how husbands are...



                            Just run.


                              What a day.  Hot hot hot.  Krar and Harrison made flagstaff proud.  I got so dehydrated I was in blankets shivering at devil's thumb.  After a long recovery finally got back to it and finished in 28.

                              This pic is awesome:

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                                "everyone else is treating this like it's a pussy parade". 


                                So we can't use this for a forum title I guess.... I was seriously planning to do so.

                                It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.