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Tooting Bec 24hr race - high quality field (Read 229 times)

    Hi guys. I know that most of you are State side (or elsewhere), but I thought you may be interested in this 24hr track race which was held in London this weekend. A really high quality field and the chance to qualify for the Commonwealth Championships in 2009 led to a new course record and a new Irish record. Link to list of competitors (short bio at end gives an idea of the quality of the field): http://www.srichinmoyraces.org/uk/ultras/24hour2008/program2008 Link to provisional results: http://www.srichinmoyraces.org/uk/ultras/24hour2008/results2008 I will be racing this event next year, so I went along to get some tips and to volunteer. I was amazed (and intimidated) by the pace that the leaders kept up.... a lot more training for me!
      Thanks for the info! The whole Sri Chinmoy thing has intrigued me for a while. If I can manage to get some more experience over the next few years, I hope to begin going to some these things too - they have a few on this side of the pond, some even within driving distance. Good luck in your training - I think it's great that you're steadily working toward this long-term goal.

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        Good luck with your training, Purdey. Right now, the thought of running 24 hours is exhausting.

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          Thanks! At the moment the thought of running more than 4hrs is exhausting! Next milestone race is a quick 50 miler down the Thames towpath in January. Aim is for under 9hrs.
            Hi Purdey I ran through Tooting last week on that charity run and thought of you as I passed the track. I am very tempted in the Escape to Victory - 45 mile trail in and around Brighton on 17th May 2009. It may be a little too close to my Fell marathon in June 2009 but if you want a little jaunt we could join forces Big grin

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              Hi Jerry - I've seen the Escape to Victory race advertised ... and it's under serious consideration!
                Great news, I will see how my ultra in December goes as it is organised by the same people. From what I hear from some of my trail buddies who did the London to Brighton they are a pretty good organisation. From what I see they are local to Brighton so will know the area very well. Alternatively they are now advertising a downland trail marathon which apparently will have Ditchling Beacon highly featured Shocked. I am planning to marshall one of their races so that I can barter a free race with them

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