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Laura G in Idaho


    Laura G in Idaho

      Wow, am I really the first up today?


      RR:  Ran 3.5 miles on Saturday.  My legs felt like giant tree trunks the whole time.  My calves and shins burned with the workload from the moment I started.  I almost did a run/walk, but I was running with 3 other ladies, so they encouraged me to keep going, and stuck with me until I was finished.  I was doing that mental game where you are asking yourself if you want to be able to log your full run, or if you want to quit.  I haven't had to quit on any runs yet in my pregnancy, so I kept asking myself if I wanted this to be the first time.  I felt like I won a prize when I was finished!  I have 4 miles planned for today.


      ER:  Nothing today.  Tomorrow I swim and bike.


      PGR:  25w3d.  Nothing new to report.  Everything seems to be going smoothly.


      NPGR:  Sub-freezing temps in the forecast all week.  Right now, it's 2*F.  I can't wait to be out in the cold, wearing so many layers and looking like the stay-puff marshmallow man.  Running in it feels like wearing a parachute!  Spring running will be easier, even though I'll be bigger, because there won't be so many clothes, right?


        Happy Monday! I'm likely cross-posting with Laura. I'll be back for personals later


        PGR: 39w1d. My master plan to give birth yesterday so I could watch the Golden Globes on the hospital TV (I don't have TV) failed, obviously. Ha. The belly continues to DROP and I had a few contractions yesterday, including one big one over brunch yesterday. Insomnia continues. I was up at 5 and then by 6:30 I was starving, so I guess I'll try to nap later today. DH and I are trying acupressure points to help move labour along.

        ER: DVD fun today. When I did it yesterday, I was definitely slower and more easily out of breath. Still, I feel better afterwards so whatever!


        NPGR: Um....


          Good morning!


          Laura - way to go on finishing the run! So much of it is mental, isn't it? I have definitely been experiencing the "burning shins" on some of my runs. Stay warm!


          YJPM - Haha, like your golden globes plan! We didn't have cable for a long time, but I caved last summer because I wanted to watch the olympics. We still rarely watch it - anything i actually want to watch is on too late for me to stay up! Hope the accupressure helps.


          PGR - 29wks2days. We did a lot of baby related stuff over the weekend. Went to Buy Buy Baby to look at some strollers...fortunately did not "buy buy" anything while there. It was good to see some of them in "the flesh" as opposed to just online or when I spot one on the street. Think we may do a Britax B-Agile and B-Safe stroller/car seat combo, but I am also waiting to see what I can find in strollers on craigslist. On Sunday, we got a bunch of stuff of craigslist, so were driving all over the place picking it up. But we scored some great deals on good stuff, so that was cool.


          RR - All the baby stuff meant that I was horribly inactive all weekend. My foot was kind of hurting, too, so I was reluctant to run, but I didn't have time to go to the gym or swim. Or i didn't make time. Anyway, was feeling guilty, but did get back on track this AM with bootcamp + run to/from bootcamp of 3miles.


          NPGR - think I may be getting a cold. Ugh. We have our babymoon planned for next weekend, so if I am getting one, just want it done with. Went out for dinner with DH on Friday night and a nice lunch on Sunday...enjoying these last couple of months of being child free!!


          Hope you all have a good Monday!

          MA runner girl



            Laura - I had the same lower leg soreness start about where you are. It does NOT get better, just to warn you Wink I do find that running more frequently helps, although having back pain kind of prevents that from happening... I'm sure tomorrow's run will be painful! Brrrr that's cooold!


            YJPM - Haha I'm sorry your master plan did not work! Guess baby's just not ready Wink I hope you can take a nap later! I keep waiting for my sleep to start suffering... I'm sure it's coming soon!


            RR: Have not run since Wed. Feeling restless, but I think my body is happy I took a break. Plan is to swim tonight and try an easy walk/jog tomorrow. I think I'll try to walk on my lunch break today too and see how I feel.


            PGR: 30w1d!!!! Wow, I can't believe I'm in the 30s... I feel good, though quite big! I put on my shirt this morning and couldn't beleive the bump, I may take a picture of it at some point today. Back pain is subsiding, though I can still feel it, it's not as sharp and not changing my gait or posture anymore. So that's good! I'll probably go back to the chiro tomorrow.


            NPGR: Had a relaxing weekend with DH. We haven't spent a lot of time together lately because he is crazy busy with work and side jobs, but he took the weekend off and it was lovely. So not ready to be back to work...

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

            MA runner girl

              Liz - Ugh I hate when you can feel the cold coming on and you just want it to get here so you can move on!! I hope it goes away completely, or comes so you can get better by the weekend! Glad you got some good deals for baby!

              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                Good morning!


                ER: I have an ER today! Went for 30 mins on the elliptical. I wanted to go longer, but I hadn't worked out in the last week and a half any my back was getting a little stiff. And now that I'm sitting down at work, my legs are sore. I hope this doesn't continue. I desperately want/need to get back into a workout routine instead of just being a bump on a log the next seven weeks!


                PGR: 33w3d... Had a somewhat productive weekend getting ready for P. We were going to buy a new carseat Saturday, but the one we picked out in the Target store wasn't in stock, so I think we'll drive over the babies r us next weekend and get one there. So since we didn't get the car seat we got a pack 'n' play instead. We never got one for A (have borrowed whenever we needed one) but need one this time because P will sleep in our room at least until a good sleep pattern is established. I also finally ordered a new dresser for A. It was a hard decision for me because I couldn't decide what will fit in the room. I'm going to move A's clothes into the new dresser and put P's into the old since thats the changing table. Ordered it online and its supposed to be delivered between this Wednesday and next Monday, so hopefully we can get that put together next weekend and I can start organizing clothes. I'm excited because I told my mom Saturday that we need to move the couch out of the room and I didn't know what we'd have in there to sit on, and she's going to re-upholster a rocking chair for us! All our upholstered furniture is stuff she did, the old stuff that is made well. I'm going to choose the material for it next weekend. Unfortunately I didn't take any trips to goodwill this weekend because we were just worn out Sunday, so we haven't started really organizing the second floor yet.


                Oh and we also had our hospital tour on Saturday morning. A was excited to go but didn't seem to care much once we were there. They remodeled the birthing center since I was there last. Last time everything was in the same suite, birth and recovery. Now we do birth in one room and then move up to a post partum room, which I don't particularly like because the rooms are smaller and it was just nice to stay in one place last time. The change I do like, however, is that they now have private triage rooms instead of a bunch of beds separated by curtains. Saturday night we also talked with my parents about taking care of A when its time, and they said we can call them any time, even in the middle of the night and they'll come take care of her. They live an hour away though, so we'll also coordinate with probably taking her to daycare first and then they'll get her from there. Thats a load off my mind, but I'm still nervous just because they say second labors can be so much faster than the first, I hope we'll have enough time!


                NER: A is sick. Sad She got sick yesterday morning and seemed to make a miracle quick recovery in the afternoon, but then it came back later. Its some kind of bug and for the first time ever, she was aware enough of what was going on to tell us she didn't feel good! Even when she was sick after Thanksgiving she didn't do that. And she looked so miserable and we couldn't do anything for her. Cry My heart was broken! So she's staying home with DH today, which makes things a little difficult as he needs to get ready for his interview tomorrow. His interview in my unit, doing the same job as me, is at 10. If A is still sick, I'll have to stay home in the morning. FIgures she gets sick at the most inconvenient time! Just goes to show kids don't follow our schedules!


                I made dinner for my parents on Saturday night and it went really well, it took me awhile to make it, was worth it though! But my body was so sore by the time I was done! My legs were sooooo sore. And I woke up too early Sunday because when I got up to pee my legs started hurting again.


                  Morning all.


                  RR - Friday night I took a leap of faith and signed up for a 5k that is next Sunday. Outdoors. In Illinois. In January. Originally that "fun run" I did back in November was going to be it as far as organized races were concerned during this pregnancy since I wasn't feeling it in the 1st tri, but this race looks so fun. And the running club sponsoring it ends the race with pancakes. And they look like they have a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing. So I'm not even deluding myself into thinking I can run the whole thing (yes, my running has deteriorated that quickly) so I went to the gym Friday night and ran walked 3.1 to see how long it took and it took longer than my 1st 5k the 4th of July when it was 85 and super humid. :/ I'm trying to stay positive though and think good thoughts even though I was a little worried I overdid it, my legs felt like lead when I was done and I could really feel it in my butt. 
                  Saturday that didn't stop me from going on a walk to the park and back only to realize DS fell asleep in the stroller by the time we got to the park, so it was a 1.7 mile walk for fitness anyway. Sunday I went to the gym and caught up on machines and did a semi-leisurely stationary bike ride since I've been pushing myself so much the past few days.


                  PGR - Almost 17 weeks and I'm excited that each Tuesday I count down a new week to my 20w ultrasound. Almost 3 weeks! I've flip flopped and now I'm back to thinking it's a girl. We were discussing names and (Downton Abbey nerd alert) we both liked Lavinia but we're wondering if that's a name a girl would have to spell her whole life. So we're back to waiting and seeing and then going from there.


                  NPGR - I feel like RR has taken up so much of my weekend lol! We were discussing maybe calling a realtor to get a jump on looking for a house but we've decided at the moment in case we were to stay in the apt. for another year, to better organize it so it can accommodate 2 kids. So that I think is a project we'll be embarking on this week unless something drastically changes in the down payment department.


                  Laura - You're really impressing me with your runs and outside no less. I feel like a wimp for worrying about how to dress and manage in the 20s when this race will be held next weekend. Good job keeping with it.


                  YJPM - You're getting to the home stretch! We don't have TV either but I watched the red carpet entrances at my ILs. I'd rather just read the after report or see youtube clips the day after. And not having TV means I have zero clue what's going on half the time with these awards shows lol. Sounds like things are getting in gear, exciting.


                  Liz - Good score on the baby items. Buy Buy Baby definitely is a maybe in terms of actually buying the items there. I tested out strollers I liked there and then shopped online for the best price. They had the City Mini for 399! that I was able to get for 169 because it wasn't a very popular color choice or something (black and blue, so it wasn't like it was neon yellow or something) on albeebaby.com. Hope you avoid the cold and enjoy your babymoon this weekend.


                  MA - I can't believe you're in the 30s either! We're all just moving right along aren't we? Hope your swim goes well tonight and you can get a walk in at lunch.


                    Cross posting with Monk - Sorry to hear A is sick, hope she makes a speedy recovery. Good luck to DH tomorrow. Sounds like you've made a lot of progress, even if it is a lot of decisions. And hooray on getting back into exercise. It must've felt really good after taking that break.


                      It's been a little over 3 weeks since Eli made his debut.  He is adorable and sweet as can be; I am completely in love with the little man.  The birth wasn't exactly how I pictured it, but then I pictured going in pregnant and leaving with cute Eli...I kinda ignored the rest of the stuff in the middle, haha.  So here is the long story...


                      On Wednesday I went to midwife appointment (38 weeks and 5 days) and had ultrasound done due to measuring a little small. Ultrasound showed he was 7 pounds 1 ounce, but my fluid levels were low and the MD looked at the ultrasound and wanted me to go to the hospital that evening to start to be inducted.  I was at 1cm and 90%.  I went home finished decorating my Christmas cookies because the sugar cookies needed frosting and then had dinner that DH made.


                      We went to hospital around 8pm and they started the pitocin around 10pm.  They gave me an ambien to help me rest around that time and I fell asleep shortly after.  I woke up around 1230am with the beginnings of contractions--I should've appreciated the low level of discomfort at that time since it would be increasing a lot.  DH took some photos of my contractions on the monitor and sent them to my sil who is an OB and she said they looked textbook perfect.  My friend who works there in L/D stopped by around 1am and we talked for a bit since I was awake with the contractions.  I was getting pretty uncomfortable around 3am and they offered me some pain meds.


                      They gave me some statol at that time which helped a lot with the pain but it also made me hallucinate.  I was seeing cats (8 of them) on carpets, flying around my room.  I was quiet concerned for their safety and instructed my dh to place helmets on all of them since they were to assist me with the delivery, haha.


                      Things were pretty good until MD stopped in around 8am and broke my water and they upped the pit to 3 from 2.  I was at 5 when MD broke my water.  Around 10am I was having contractions nonstop with 15-20 seconds rest.  It was pretty bad and I asked for an epidural and received one at 1030, I was at 8cm.  It helped quiet a bit until around noon where the pressure was unbelievable.  MD checked me and I was at 9.5cm with a lip at the cervix.  He had them turn off the pit and gave me a small dose of morphine and came back in an hour and I was at 10 and 100%.


                      A little before 1am they had me start to push and I delivered at 1:19pm after no more than 30 minutes of pushing.  He came out screaming and everything looked perfect.  They wiped him and placed him on my chest and he breast fed within the first 30 minutes after birth.  My dh and me are still in awe of this perfect, innocent child they we made!  He was 7 pounds, 12 ounces and 20 inches long.


                      Eli and I did well in the hospital, he passed all his tests and had his circumcision (md and nurses kept telling us how well endowed he is, haha!)  At his 2 week appointment he was up to 8 pounds, 8 ounces.


                      At 2 weeks on 1 day we finished packing up our house, cleaned and staged it for selling, and drove 9 hours to my parents house!  The next day we had a 3 hour drive to dh parent's house where we are currently staying.   Eli did great on the drive.  I pumped in the car and gave it to him in bottles.  He decided that eating every 3 hours was what he wanted and a diaper change after eating.  I couldn't have asked for an easier trip. He is breast feeding well and growing like a weed.  He is too long for all his newborn clothes already.


                      I have felt pretty good physically.  I had some minor tears so I was a little uncomfortable for the first week and I still have 1 stitch left to dissolve.  Weight wise, 2 days post op I was only 2 pounds away from pre-preggo weight and at 2 weeks I was 2 pounds under!  My body is very different and say that I still have my baby butt (needed new jeans) and boobs.  I can't seem to get enough to drink (drinking a gallon of water daily!) and I am pretty hungry most of the time.  I've been walking and doing yoga mostly for exercise.  I did do my first run on Saturday which wasn't the greatest, but I think it will improve in time.


                      Hope everyone is doing wellSmile


                        Good morning!


                        LauraG - wow, you are in early Smile  well done on pushing through your Saturday run! And wow....that is very COLD...


                        YJPM - hmm, i might ask my doula about those acupressure points Wink  It does sound like things are pretty darn close though, such a shame LO didn't cooperate so you could watch the Golden Globes...fingers crossed this might be your week!


                        Liz - nice work on the CL shopping spree, isn't it fun to see what bargains can be had/how much you can save? Sounds like your body may have needed a rest though, perhaps it'll hep fight that possible cold...


                        MA - Happy 30 weeks! Glad you got to enjoy some normal time with your DH, I'm finding I treasure mine a bit more now too because things will change a bit soon...


                        Monk - yay for a workout! Sorry to hear A is sick...booo. Hopefully it clears quickly though - and fingers crossed for DH's interview, does that mean you could carpool to work Smile ? Interesting on the birthing vs postpartum room in the hospital, how long are you expected to stay?


                        Schmett - Good on you for signing up for a 5km - best thing is, really, it doesn't matter if you run - or walk, you still have pancakes at the end, yum!




                        PGR - 38w. Made it! Really feels a little surreal to be at this end of the pregnancy journey? Definitely by the end of most evenings my back feels tight with the belly pulling forward and the night-time "hip jam" is a little uncomfortable but otherwise still feeling pretty happy. My baby shower on saturday went so well - wow you can get a lot of stuff when you demand second hand!! But so many of my friends have kids around the 3-4yr mark so they were very happy to off-load some things. My favourite was the Kelty child-carrier backpack for hiking, wow. never thought I'd get one of those but one friend and her husband are into hiking and their two daughters had outgrown it - score! So yeah, a pretty nice day and I was a little overwhelmed with how much people care? I only expected 5 or 6 friends but my friend organising got a few more from her extended social circle who i have met regularly at social gatherings so there were more like 10 or 12 people. I connected quite well with one woman with a 3mth old (super-cute) so hopefully i can get together with her in a few weeks/months while we are on mat leave.


                        ER - My energy on saturday was great, I did two strolls into town (about 45mins-1hr total) then a 2.4km swim which felt great. yestrday a good elliptical/weights circuit at work. Today...hopefully a swim before work this morning otherwise an elliptical "run".


                        NPGR - So I broke a little of the no sugar rule on Saturday but only a bit. i seem to have developed this headcold which i am 90% sure is not contagious but a result of cutting out sugar, like a detox symptom? Because i mean really, how long would a headcold wanna hang around with all the garlic, echinacea, Vit C and cranberry juice I've drinking???? In some ways it makes me want to stay the course though as the "mucus clearing" part of the "detox cold" must nearly be over, surely?? Ha.


                        NPGR2 - Okay, kinda PGR. DH and I want to see a play in the city which is showing 24 Jan - 24 Feb...and I am not really thinking it will be possible...my due date is 27th Jan (though as you know I would be okay with an early arrival) and I can't see myself being able to stay awake or leave the baby at all after just a few weeks! So...we might have to pass on this.... (though Dh said we could sit at the back with the baby.....uh, yeah. Maybe.)


                          Teri - awesome birth story, so funny about the cat hallucinations! I'm so pleased everything is going so well post-birth too, see I knew you'd be "Tiny" teri again once you left the hospital!! Best wishes to you and Eli settling in, it was nice to get to "know" you on the boards.


                            PG: 24w. Nothing new. Does anyone have any experience will belly binding? Someone asked me if I put a “belly bandit” on my gift registry. It sounded like a true gimmick at first but thanks to Google I learned that women in different cultures practice this. I don’t expect a miracle but hey if it helps a little maybe it’s worth trying.


                            RR: Couldn’t motivate myself to run this weekend  Made to the gym on Saturday. Plan on doing my bodypump class tonight.


                            NPGR: Well kinda PG. I got some great news over the weekend……I’m going to be an auntie!!! My SIL is 5w PG. Our babies will be born the same year! I guess they have been trying for several months but want didn’t say anything. So excited for them. Had a very unproductive weekend. Didn’t finish registry shopping and I wanted to checkout a used BOB ironman on craigslist but didn’t happen. Accomplished laundry, taking down xmas decorations and made BIL a cheesecake for his bday. I had so much more I wanted to get done. Maybe this weekend. I have a 4day weekend. I’m required to take one unpaid day a month so I’m taking it Friday and Monday is a holiday!


                            Laura: good job on the running and doing it in the cold!


                            You: Its getting close for you!! I’m sure you can find GG highlights online.


                            Liz: When I was comparing strollers online I thought for sure I was going with the same Britax combo but in person I liked the city mini just a lil more. Its more expensive but maneuvered so easy and the material seemed better quality. Keep an eye open for a used city mini too.


                            MA: yay for quality time with DH. Monk: what a busy weekend you had. Congrats on getting back to the elliptical.


                            Sch:  run with pancakes sounds fun! Even if you have to walk you’re still out there being active. I’m also a wimp when it comes to cold. Below 30 and I’ll pass….lol


                            Tiny: Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience. Too funny about the cats.


                            Ozzy: Yay on the baby shower and scoring some good stuff.


                              My coworkers are already peddling girl scout cookies!!!  I have love hate relationship with thin mints.


                                Laura: Really good work on the mental game of running! Amazing job!


                                Liz: Great job on the craigslist findings!


                                MA: Yay for 30 weeks! Enjoy your workout tonight. Great to hear your back is feeling better.


                                Monk: AH, sorry A is sick! You certainly accomplished a lot this weekend. So nice to get the offer to reupholster your couch. That's amazing. I skipped the hospital tour, but our hospital is similar - private triage, birthing and then post is in a separate area.


                                Schmetterling: I think it's great you signed up for that 5K. It's a good opportunity to soak in the experience. I must be weird one because I love running in the cold. Plus, anything that ends with pancakes can only be good, right? I've been watching the highlights on YouTube as well, and Tina and Amy did not disappoint.


                                Teri: Thanks so much for sharing your birth story. Your hallucinations sound HILARIOUS. Little kitty helmets!


                                Ozzy: Yeah, I'm pretty sure the cold you have is from a lack of sugar. 100%! Smile I'm having a hard time booking things too. There's this great Groupon for a restaurant near us, but it's only valid after my due date. One acupressure point is on the inside of your leg. Use your closed hand to measure four knuckles up from your ankle bone, and have your DH press just to the inside of your shin bone. If it's sensitive, he's in the right spot. Meanwhile on your opposite hand, press between your thumb and index finger. Close your hand and look for where your skin peaks. Open thumb and forefinger and press. Keep pressing until you can't handle it anymore. The other pressure points are too complicated to explain Smile And if anyone else is reading this - don't do any acupressure until you're past 38 weeks.


                                Manlunna: Congrats on being an aunt! I bought a belly bandit off Gilt on sale. Wanted to try it out.


                                PGR: My dog is sticking to me like VELCRO today. It's crazy.