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Honorary Old

    zorbs- oh noes to the dead butt warmer!  Ok, the -ses is crazy cute, I must see this.


    runnergirl- RP's son who is a senior in HS has been talking about becoming an athletic/personal trainer and I've told her a little bit about what you do and told her that its probably a lot more education and science background than he realizes.


    Bermy- that's cool that the work party was so family friendly. Every work party I have ever gone to, someone gets too drunk and falls out of a chair or cries. Sooo... we don't go anymore LOL. Ok I need to do the planks challenge too, I'll try to do it at lunch- I'm sure it will only take a minute Wink


    zorbs- congrats on C's 1 year sober. My Dad has almost 20 years sober and he still acknowledges the day annually and still goes to AA meetings. My mom doesn't go to AA, but has a good handle on her disease and can even try the very rare taste of wine. Washington just passed a law so liquor can be sold in the grocery store and she says she hates walking by that every time she goes shopping Sad


    Jen- I say a good 5 days on the soup at least. If you are worried about it in the slightest, let it boil for a minute when you heat it. I often take a gallon ziploc bag and store some of the soup in the freezer from the get-go because I get burnt out on it after a few servings.


    mer- Both DH and I have showered with R, but he hated it so we still do baths. I have a friend that her son showers with daddy almost every day starting around age 1- he just turned  2 this week and is a champ about it.. Are you vegetarian? My little bro and sis are twins- as toddlers John would not eat any meat and Emma would not eat any vegetables, so they would eat what they liked off their plates and then swap LOL. My stepbros decided to go vegetarian when John was 6 and he decided he wanted to as well, so as a young child he was vegetarian for a few years until his bros stopped.


    shelby- sorry your retreat got cancelled. That gal that had the identical twin girls that R was playing with this weekend was telling me about the marriage retreats the military does- that's pretty cool. She and her hubby met in the National Guard. She is a SAHM and he may get deployed to Afghanistan for his 4th tour soon.


    cx2- cute about the pic. I'm evil and I love the pics where kids are melting down on Santa's lap.

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    Trail Monster

      Morning! I'll try to get back for personals before work.


      RR: srd so I think I will do some dead lifts or squats before work.

      BR/KR: Ash is talking so well! She said, "Pirate find treasure chest" Very clearly today. I don't remember Gem talking this well at this age (27 months). Is she advanced on speech or am I just not remembering right? I have no idea what's going on with Gem. I leave before she gets home from school all this week. I hate second shift!

      NRR: my cat is being put down today. She's around 20 years old so not unexpected but I'm still really sad. I got her in 4th grade right around the time my dad died. She's been there for everything in my life! I drove the 1.5 hour round trip to my moms this morning to say goodbye. I'm going to be a wreck at work all night.

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      Honorary Old

        Twinmom- I'm thinking about going in the back room to do a plank LOL


        mzm- How long ago did your dad pass away? I'm sorry to hear that. I just killed the Ivy plant that was one of my wedding decorations this summer and I'm pretty bummed about it. Unless its a plant that thrives on neglect, it won't live at my house.


        Shelbyjo- don't feel guilty, you have sacrificed a lot over the last few years to accomodate DH's career, he shouldn't begrudge you some happiness. I know lots of people who move in with their parents while their spouse is deployed, for moral support and to help with the kids. How long until he joins you?


        Ca- that pic of O on FB yesterday was so cute!


        Rocky- I'm sorry about the fight with your DH. I hope you don't mind me saying, but from your posts in the past DH seems kind of immature and needs a lesson on how to fight (constructively) with your spouse. I grew up in an abusive home so I don't tolerate yelling/name calling/ violence. Most of our big fights that we have had over the years stem from my family. It sounds like DH needs some counseling, especially considering the circumstances under which his previous marriage ended- sounds like he has some issues to work through so he can be a good dad.

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          banshee: Sorry about your cat. No matter how expected it is, its always hard to lose a family pet.


          Rocky:  I saw your post on facebook. There is obviously more going on that what was posted. Hopefully after some time you will be able to communicate your issues and maybe resolve them. Its hard when stuff builds to the breaking point.


          spike: You should totally sneak in your plank. It only takes  minute.



          NRR: I am totally bored. My students are just working on worksheets for the rest of the day and I am completely caught up on everything work wise.


            Zorbs – how did the nails turn out?


            Twinmom – you cracked me up laughing doing your plank behind your desk! GREAT JOB! Sorry your bored. You could always tidy your lab. I always tidy when I am bored. And then clean. And then re-clean.


            Rg – you are a core demon. I wanna be more like you!


            Mrszm – my fave jeans are from lucky. The skinny ones were from express. I don’t usually shop there, I just usually squeeze into their pants as though that validates my exercise and healthy eating efforts. I think I need to fix that attitude. Where do you buy your skinny jeans? I need some good recommendations for when we live in TN.


            Jen – yeah on DH coming home. Hope MILs surgery goes well. When are you next racing? I am making pie now as I type. Well I am waiting for onion and red bell pepper to soften before I add the mass of spinach. I am still surprised at how much milk DS needs.


            Mer – when is your next race? Stockings sound cute. I think you have just inspired me. I am not going to bother with a tree this year (too tempting for my 14mo), but just have stockings. I don’t care about showering in front of DS as if I am doing it then, I am so grateful just to be getting a shower. He is usual not in the tub though.


            Cm – love all the names, love love love them. Can’t go wrong.


            Shelby – sorry your plans got scrapped. However, something good comes of everything so whatever it is that’s good is round the corner waiting for you!! I think I would like to join a proper track club in nashville. Or a xcountry club. Any recommendations anyone?


            Cx2 – hope your photo turns out well. When is your next race?


            Jm – yeah on DH coming home! Hope you’re both not too swamped with work and can enjoy each other.


            CA – yeah on planks ( I typed that out as “spanks” at first!!!), Yeah on run solo ins now. Yeah on good sleep! Yeah on your treadmill – you are rocking it this holiday season!


            Rocky – sorry you are down. Lurk away and hope it cheers you up. Send your DH to me for a crash course in “meeting your needs and respecting your family”. Then I will send him back.


            Spike – great job on run with stroller and dog! Esp your pace! Whoo hoo! Doesn’t xmas bring out family feuds… sigh. 


            Banshee - nice job on the ST! which day do you do your ST? I can never seem to time it right as I either have fresh legs for a hard workout running or trashed legs from the hard workout.

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              Planks: 1m 10secs.

              So, I did my first with DS in room (45 secs) but he found my stopwatch too enticing and so I was laughing and then collapsed. Then I thought "I will just go back into plank and do it again". yeah right, after no rest, that was a mistake 24 seconds. Plus I did it on a wool rug which was itching and burning my forearms. Excuses and excuses. 3rd time was the charm. Would love to build up to do side plank but one day at a time here my friends. Question - when the shaking starts in plank (you know what I mean) - do you a) clench your fists and your butt cheeks and fight through it or b) relax and breathe gentle and go with the flow. I have the same dilemma when it hurts when I run hard too. Opinions welcome.

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                Had a really nice 6.2 mile run with R this morning. It was a chilly 21* but sunny and no wind so it felt great!


                Bermy- enjoy the coaching session today! The party sounds like it was a great time. I love the idea of a cookie decorating station- something to keep the little ones entertained. And congrats on fitting into the skinny jeans, woop! Hope your spinach pie turns out well! sounds yummy. Enjoy the party tonight and the playgroup today.


                zorbs- i ran easy again today with the stroller and avg was 7:45/mile.


                jen- yep, R loves the weather shield. especially the other day when it was snowing during our run and he figured out how to tap the cover and make the snow fly off. he was giggling about that. i hope that J is feeling better today. does he nap well at daycare? as for the soup- i'm eating butternut squash soup right now that i made on Sunday...it still smells and tastes fine.


                mer- glad that your foot is ok! R still takes baths, but most days he's in the bathroom while i'm showering. i leave the door open and he goes back and forth between his room and the bathroom. DH used to do the same until R got him in the junk once while he was drying off his hair. oops. Have fun at game night!


                CMG- ugh, sorry about the screaming. R cried for the last mile of our run today and then for 10 minutes straight after we got home. no idea why. I like both names- sorry that probably doesn't help, haha.


                shelby- 19 days?! ahhh, so not ready yet. nice job on the running streak! aww, christmas pj's- love them! my SIL gave me a santa suit for R to wear on Christmas. Her LO wore it last year, and it's a nice tradition to hand down.


                Cx2- sorry that you're stil sick- i hope you're able to get better soon. glad C was good for Santa. we didn't take R last year, and i have a feeling he'd scream his head off if we took him this year. or i'd end up in the picture with them. lol. aww, that is such a cute idea about the work pics! you'll have to post one later if you end up meeting for it!


                jnmiller- great job on your running streak, too! glad that DH is coming home today. ON is the best for kids clothes. I got R a winter jacket for $15 yesterday! it was originally $45! It's a nice one with a removable fleece jacket. we did an ugly sweater work party a few years ago. it was awesome.


                twinmom- great job on doing your planks at work! i actually told one of my training clients to do that same thing- just shut your office door and do planks! i grew up in Upstate NY and we always had a buttload of snow each winter. i miss it, and i'm hoping we get alot this winter so R can play! your life definitely is not boring- your kiddos definitely keep you hoppng!


                mrszm- i found a hideously ugly sweater on ebay when we had our work party. check salvation army too! and never underestimate the power of a sweater vest and christmas themed turtleneck! R does the same thing at bed time- he'll go over and stand by the gate at the bottom of the stairs looking longingly up to his room. as long as the snow isn't too deep or it isn't icy out, yes i'll run with  R Smile


                CA- i hope the girls both nap too! what kind of TM do you have? glad that O is sleeping so well for you. 12 weeks already?! that just doesn't seem possible.


                rocky- sorry about the fight with DH. i haven't been on FB yet, i'll catch up with it there. oh, and great job doing planks! that's one exercise you can do right on through your pregnancy. Hugs to you right now.


                spike- nice job on the stroller + dog run. Our dog is a butthead on the leash so i'll never run with her. my R loves pasta with red sauce too! good luck watching the niece and nephew- how old are they? yes, athletic training is now a 5-year college program, and out here at least it's pretty competitive.


                Sara-aw, that sucks about your cat! i'm so sorry. it's hard to say goodbye to a pet- they're a part of the family. very cool about Ash talking so much! i'm beyond impressed with your race schedule for 2013!!! you're my hero!

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                Honorary Old

                  Just talked to MIL and she changed her  mind about me coming down to stay with her when she has her surgery, so maybe I will go to Vegas with DH instead.  Now i don't get to hang out with RunswithRocky until later in the spring. Maybe by the time I go, ShelbyJo will be all moved in and I can meet Rocky's new baby too.

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                    NRR2: just found out that one of the girls I went to grad school with (we graduated in 2007) is having a really rough time. Her DH was just found to have a malignant brain tumor. They have an adorable 8 month old little boy. I'm so sad for her. They're still in the early stages of everything- he was just diagnosed, so they're not sure of the treatment/operations/etc yet.

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                      RR: 5 last night + 1min front plank, 30 seconds each side plank.  3-4 today at lunch although my running buddy just bailed so I may have trouble motivating.


                      NRR: We have a very fun few days coming up!  Tomorrow is Dh's work holiday party which wont necessarily be fun BUT my parents are watching ds so it will be a date night!  Then family holiday party saturday, then a trail run sunday am and a baking party sunday pm.  YAY for fun!


                      NRR2: I thought I was O-ing on Monday and got all excited.  Turns out it was a false alarm : (  And all of my "symptoms" went away.  I am starting to feel like this is never going to happen.


                      TR: I wish I could find a way to encourage ds to play more independently.  Everything we do is an adult guided activity or he ends up with the TV on if I am busy and cant interact with him.  He totally keeps busy when he has other kids to play with.  Man he needs a sibling. . .



                      Zorbs: That sucks about the booty warmer!  I know how much you love that thing.


                      Runnergirl: I love old navy.  Whenever I have to stray from the hand me down pile, I buy stuff for ds there.


                      Bermy; NICE on the skinnies!!!  I just sold my favorite old skinnies on ebay because after 3 years, I was tired of them mocking me from my closet.  Glad the work party was fun!


                      Jen: I hope your mil is ok!  Sorry about all of the crying.


                      Mer: I vaguely remember reading that solo showers should be introduced around 5 or 6.  I have friends who co-shower with their toddlers, but personally I think it's weird.  No judgement, I just dont want to do it. 


                      Shelby: I am so sorry about the weekend bust.  That would totally upset me too.  I am glad you have some fun plans to try and make up for it!


                      Jmmiller: Yay for dh coming home!!  I am amazed at all of the runs you accomplished while he was away.  And I seriously dont know how you have so much energy!  Ds has been sleeping until 7am all week and I am still exhausted!


                      On to page 2-3. . .


                      Honorary Old

                        banshee- I'm sorry about your cat. That is never easy.


                        Bermy- I was seriously huffing and puffing that last bit since most of the way is on an incline. R kept fussing and I told him "Kid, I am running my ass off!"


                        runnergirl- Hallie has to be on a Gentle Leader to run with the stroller otherwise she bobs/weaves/pulls. Nephew B is 6 and niece L is almost 4. L has attitude and wears me out and B is pretty high energy. Hopefully they don't flip out/meltdown because my sister just gave me a bunch of their toys and books. She said L hid some of the board books from her so she couldn't give them away.


                        uphill- playing with DS on the weekends wears me out. I think I'm going to text the girl with twins to see if she wants to do a playdate. Sorry about the false alarm. I've been so bloated for months, is that a PCOS symptom too? My pants are all tight in the waist and I haven't gained any weight.

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                          Banshee - I am really sorry about your cat.  My parents put our family cat down in September and I was pretty upset.  We went and said goodbye to him as well.  It is hard because the pets become such a part of the family.  I hope you are able to get a hug out of DH.  *Big Hug from  Me*

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                            Did my plank challenge.  Held it for 1:40 but then dog was barking to go out.  Do you guys do planks on forearms or hands?  I feel like I can hold a plank forever when my arms are extended.


                            rocky - Too funny about the plank.  I had a baby crawling on me and a dog barking to go out. Ay, ay, ay.


                            spike - Thanks for the support.  DH is really supportive of my schooling which is why I think feel even more guilty.  He should join us in 14-16 months.


                            banshee - I am so sorry to hear about your cat!  Losing a pet is so hard.


                            RG - I will be praying for your friend.  What heartbreaking news.


                            uphill - Enjoy date night.  Is the trail run just for fun or a race?  I miss trail running.  Unfportunately the only trail I know of around here is closed this time of year for hunting.

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                            Bad Ass Mother Runner

                              5 miles, with fast finish thanks to an awake baby done, plus planks - 1:15 front, and 45 seconds each side. My left side is painfully weak.


                              just a few:


                              RG - we have a super old treadmill we bought off CL, it's a lifefitness, it is narrow and small and doesn't look impressive but won't die Smile


                              bermy - I try to fall back on yoga breathing in any physically tough situation and that works until it gets to be too much and then I can't focus on

                              continuing and breathing evenly at the same time.


                              banshee - really sorry about your cat, we aren't cat people but are dog people so I understand how attached you can get to a pet.


                              shel - I'm glad that you have something to look forward to with the move, don't feel bad!!


                              rocky - more hugs!


                              zorbs - I hate seat warmers, they make me feel like I peed myself, weirds me out - but it sucks that yours died, crappy tire has stuff like that for good prices...


                              mer - I don't think it's weird to shower with your son, you still wipe his a$$...

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