Womens Running




    Meli- (((hugs)))) so sorry!!!


    Sassy- Yay for new TM!!!


    GSD- Good luck with your 13! I've never ran more then 5 on a TM! lol




    RR. Rest day. So my right achilles/calf is bothering me. It hurt for the first .5 ml of my run yesterday, but once I was warmed up, it was fine. But it just feels tight and sore. I'm wearing my compression socks to work today so maybe that will help. I am taking 2 rest days, maybe 3-4, depending on how it feels. Dang.


    NRR. back to work! I've been off for 2 days, but have a very full schedule today!

    Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

    Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

    Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



    Half: 1:48

    Full: 4:34



      Morning Ladies! It was a treamill workout Friday for me too


      Sassy- Yay for a new TM in your house... that is so exciting! and will probably make it a lot easier to fit runs in aroudn G's schedule! Hope the first run goes well


      RLTW- man, you can't catch a break! I hope that there is an easy fix to this!


      GSD- you can do 13 on the TM! I think that long runs on the TM are the true test of mental strength.... good luck!! Sounds like you have some crazy weather down there!


      MA- great job on your run! I am super impressed with how long you have kept at it! njoy your long weekend with no plans, sometimes those are the best!


      Monk- great job on the elliptical..no idea how you are doing that! I find it is hard for me to balance on it so I can only imagine with a pregnant belly! Hope you and DH have a great time on your babymoon


      PO- good luck getting your run in tonight. Your weekend sounds like it is going to be great! Have fun


      Lizo- man, that is an early morning! I would have been asleep while running! Congrats to M... I am sure the pay cut is annoying, but it will be nice to have him work day hours I am sure!


      Mel- so sad that you can't go be with your family, but I do think it is great that DF has such a great relationship that he is going. Enjoy your weekend with the pup.


      Taylor- so sorry that you are still sick! What a bummer...Hopefully you start to feel better soon


      RR- had a great 5 with 3 at tempo last night and then 3 with negative splits this morning. I am enjoying this plan because it keeps changing things up. I have to modify it a bit otherwise the mileage increase would be too much too quickly compared to what I was doing, but I am really enjoying it!


      NRR- I just found out that I too have a long weekend this weekend which is super nice when I was expecting to work. I am not sure what we are going to do, but DH and I might start touring neighborhoods we are interested in for our move.


        Any day being "treadmill day" is A-OK in my treadmill-loving world!


        Sassy:  Break in that machine with style today.  Treadmills are amazing.  Smile  Smile  Smile  How'd the start of the experiment go, minus the fact that you haven't run the assay yet?  Feeling good about it?


        Mel:  We move to OKC in August.  My last day with the current boss is July 31.  Next judge start date is August 12.  I'm sorry you'll be a little bit alone, but . . . puppies make everything better.


        Klmcdona:  Lamest of all lame dreams last night:  I was watching the Today show, which I never watch.  You were holding a sign that said KLMCDONA LOVES AL ROKER.  Stupid.  I apologize for my dream.


        RLTW:  You're such a fighter.  I just wish you could catch a break once in a blue moon.


        MA:  You may have dodged a bullet re: that jewelry party.  Wink  I never want to buy that stuff.  Maybe I'm just a world-class a-hole.  Wink  That's pretty likely.


        Lizo:  Chicken pot pie.  Way to make me have an awesome "food I forgot about" flashback.  I bet it'll be delightful.  Smile



        RR: Yesterday was 9 miles, then 30 min. bike in the afternoon.  Ran 10 miles @ 7:49/mi this morning.


        NRR:  This morning, two adorable old folks brought their precious little Olivers (shih tzus) into the gym to weigh them.  SO SO SO SO CUTE.


        NRR2:  We might go to a winery today.  For no reason.  Whatever works!


          Good morning, ladies!


          RR1: Finally got in my trail run with Fay last night. She was trying to eat snow and run at the same time..very cute. I also ran in these for the first time: http://www.kahtoola.com/microspikes.php and they are AWESOME!!  I probably could have run on the trails without them, because the snow is getting more packed, but it's also getting slicker. In a few days, it will turn into that slick polished snow/ice. Anyway, these microspike were amazing - I really felt I was getting traction, and wasn't wasting energy with each step. This weekend, I could feel myself slipping down/backwards a little with every step.


          RR2: Race tomorrow!!! Not freaking out as much as I was, because I am an idiot, and realized I read the elevation profile incorrectly. I was too busy focusing on freaking out to notice it's only 1000' in 4 miles, not 2000'. My trail runs are about 600' in 2 miles so I think I can handle this. Definitely not the Bataan Death March I was expecting.


          NRR: Working from home today, which is awesome. I went to sleep at 9:30, and woke up at 7:30. I love cutting out the getting ready part.


            Morning ladies!


            ER: All I've done this week is 45 minutes of ST. Need to step up my game! Thinking of doing some kickboxing tonight. It is going to be COLD here the next few days...highs in the teens...hard to convince myself to run in that, I need a new TM like Sassy!


            NRR: AF finally arrived and she didn't do so nicely so I've been kind of blah the past few days. Relieved she showed up though! CRF is going to VT this weekend, actually he left this morning, so I will probably spend some time cleaning up the apartment, running errands, and hanging out with my family. It's going to be so cold, I doubt I'm going to want to be going out much! Maybe I'll make some more freezer meals just for the hell of it...


            Personals coming up!


              Sassy - Is it okay for me to say I'm glad you weren't really trying to upload the swooshy runner? Hurray for the treadmill!


              RLTW - Jeez, yeah I agree - you need a break!


              GSD - That cracks me up. People drive like idiots everywhere.


              MA - Probably dodged a bullet with that party. Enjoy your 3-day weekend.


              Monk - Wow, 34 weeks already!


              PO - I have yet to work a 5-day week in the office this year. Having a hard time adjusting, too. Have fun camping!


              Lizo - Congrats to M on the day job!!


              Meli  - Hugs..sorry to hear you're not going with DF.


              Taylor - I probably would have done the same thing. Sorry the run didn't help that much but at least you did it. Maybe it will be your worst run of the year, and now it's already behind you.


                NC - I was thinking about your toe/achilles thing last night on my run.. but I have no advice.


                KLM - Touring neighborhoods sound fun. I like to know how far to work, where are the grocery stores, etc etc. before I move somewhere.


                PFace - You have some of THE STRANGEST dreams I have ever heard of.


                Lucy - Enjoy the weekend to yourself!


                  Sassy: Hooray for the new TM! I am jealous. I would love to have a whole fitness room in my house so I could just pop in and workout whenever I wanted.


                  MArunner: Being a germophobe, hearing about all the sicknesses going around kills me! My hands are super dry from washing so much. But you haven't been around that sick coworker for a while so I think you're probably safe there, and it's a good thing they cancelled tonight rather than spread germs around!


                  RLTW: You know my thoughts on this! Hope you catch a break soon!


                  GSD: You can do 13 on the TM! I did 14 once, at the gym. I hope you have some good TV or tunes lined up!


                  Monk: I hope you and DH have a good time on your babymoon!


                  POrun: Wow that sounds like a fun camping trip! Sleeping in campers rather than tents...my kind of camping!


                  Lizo: What an early morning! I'm impressed you got that done.


                  Meli: Aw, I'm really sorry DH is going to see your family without you, but it is nice that he is going to be there! I hope you find something fun to do this weekend.


                  Taylor: Man, sorry you're still feeling sick! What a bummer. Hope you feel better and can enjoy the 3-day weekend!


                  NC: Booooo on the achilles pain. I hope that clears up quickly.


                  KLMC: So is DH feeling better from his man cold?? How awesome to have a surprise 3-day weekend!


                  Pumpkin: Old ladies bring their dogs to the gym to weigh them? That's the cutest/weirdest thing I've ever heard! Have fun at the winery!


                  Outwest: Cute about Fay eating snow. Lucy has been doing that too, something she's never done before, weird! Good luck on the race tomorrow!


                    Lucy - Enjoy the weekend to yourself!


                    You know, I am really looking forward to it! Sleeping in as late as I want, starfish-style splayed out in my bed, eating whatever I want, not having to clean up after anyone's messes but my own, watching whatever I want on TV...ahhhhhhh.


                      Hey hey, DIVAs! Happy Friday!


                      RR: 45 min on the indoor bike trainer (love it!!!) and my 2 burpees and 77 push-ups! My teammate came over and we worked out together (she ran/walked on the TM). It was awesome. 7 miles tonight, probably half outside and half on the TM because C's dad will be dropping him off at home around 7:00 - I want to be done and showered by then!


                      NRR: Weight Watchers weigh-in tomorrow! I'm excited because I have stayed on plan all week and worked out every day. I earned a LOT of activity points (48 and I still haven't run today) too! I just hope I can go the distance, because I have a bad habit of fizzing out after about 3 weeks of eating well. DF is trying to lose weight too, so hopefully we can motivate each other!


                      And I just realized 2 hours went by and I never sent this! Oops!

                      San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                      Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14