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    4 afternoon miles before picking DS up from school.  I wiped out on the pavement about a mile in, no idea what happened, the road was dry and I didn't trip, all I know I was stumbling and heading toward the ground.  Nothing major but I ripped my gloves and have some sore spots, probably will be bruised a bit tomorrow.  My right wrist is sore from taking the brunt of it.  Of course, I was wearing brand new leggings but they are okay, just dirty.  I was mostly worried that someone saw me!


    Errands and cleaning today, also had a meeting (optional) this morning regarding our retirement plan since the agency changed investment companies.


    Lizzie - glad you are feeling good after the race and you had a nice visit with your brother!  WHAT is the deal about working from home?  Ugh, jobs suck, I want to retire.


    Hi Damaris and Judy!


    Sue - oh boy on the smoke alarm, our CO detector was doing that  a few months ago and it was just old.  So irritating to deal with though.  Enjoy the visit with DS and doggies!!


    Diane - nice 5!!


    Cathy - that is so sweet of  your DD, I can imagine how much they were touched by her kindness.  Have a great birthday dinner!!


    Kat - I totally understand about the race, I have a 10k Sunday (time change, ugh) that is only an hour away and I am kind of dreading it.  It's probably because the last race didn't go so well.


    Tessa - there is a Ren Fair downstate in Sept/Oct - I went once and it  was pretty cool!  You would be a great bar maid!


    Hi Karen - nice 6 today and have a fun group run tomorrow!


    Elina - sorry for the stressful week, have a great game!!

    Half Crazy K 2.0

      8 miles. Felt really sluggish, the cold wind didn't help.


      CrazySue, ugh on the smoke detector. Every time any of our alarms have a battery issue, it always seems to be at 2am. Playing find the beeping alarm in the middle of the night is not fun. Our kitchen smoke detector was "relocated" to a different room. It is so sensitive it went off when we opened the oven or toaster over.


      LCRuns, ouch on the fall.