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9:01 AM

3 mi


6:26 mi


70 F


5 / 10
5 / 10

Race Result

8 / 406 (2%)
1 / 19 (5.3%)
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I decided early on during this event that I was just going to cruise and I basically did exactly that.

After a straight shot up the boulevard miles 2 and 3 are run on a paved trail through a series of twists, turns and a couple of elevation rises which affected my pace despite no change in my perceived effort.

That would explain the drastic drop off in pace as at no point did I feel as if I was running 30 seconds slower the second mile.

I ended up running well below my fitness but am okay with that as my main goal today was to not aggravate my aching groin.

I was able to do that and finished ahead of my main rival for the first time in four tries as a bonus.

He was shocked to learn his pace dropped as much as it did on the trail so I suspect it is something in the course that was responsible for that.

As it is I came away no worse for the wear so all is good despite an otherwise less than desirable result for me.

Note: Garmin measured the course at 3 miles.