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7:58 AM

3.1 mi


6:02 mi


45 F


10 / 10
10 / 10

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4 / 1568 (0.3%)
1 / 58 (1.7%)
3 / 579 (0.5%)

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Officially 18:17 chip, 18:19 gun.

After two failed attempts in 2013 at a sub-19:00 5k, I was unsure if I wanted to go for it this early in the season but decided basically during the first mile that I would.

Despite the shit weather we have had this year I had by all accounts a great winter cycle, the fruits of which are beginning to bear.

I ran most of mile 1 today at 6:02 ish and it felt surprisingly easy. I resisted the urge however to go any faster as that pace gave me 5 seconds in my pocket towards my goal of a 6:07.

Mile 2 was a bit of a reset coming in at 6:09 but despite my slowed pace I still felt strong. It was towards the end of this mile that I dared to think that something special was happening.

Mile 3 was spent mostly in serious distress but knowing that the pain was nearing an end I hung in there and ran my fastest mile ever during a 5k, en-route to an incredible finish time for me (slightly short course notwithstanding) and a 1 minute and 20+ second PR.

Of course I could nitpick my race today as any of us could but I will pass on the opportunity. I believe that I am still ascending and at this point feel like the sky is the limit for me.

My new V-Dot value after today's event is 54 and looking at the equivalent marathon time for that has me feeling pretty stoked about what the future may possibly hold for me.

If I can somehow pull anything close to that time off this fall the fuckin' internet will implode!

Stay tuned...