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2:03 PM

21 mi


13.82 mi / hr


68 F


5 / 10
7 / 10
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Major DUH moment...I am apparently NOT as slow on the indoor trainer as I had thought. I noticed that even though the current speed on my Garmin usually shows in the 14-16mph range at cruising speed, but my average never is more than 13-13.5mph.

I also notice that that average speed will frequently drop to the 2-5mph range for several seconds, even though the cadence remains consistent.

I did some Google sleuthing and discovered that there is a way to shut-off the GPS sensor for indoor workouts. Apparently my Garmin was grabbing a satellite connection here-and-there and it was canceling-out the cadence/speed/distance sensor on the wheel. Ahhh...

This is a major ego booster. I really don't suck as bad as I thought and my 20 mile ride today was likely closer to 21 miles and at ~15mph, instead of 13. Damn, my bike miles are almost certainly way higher than my log would show...