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6:43 PM

22.7 mi


15.37 mi / hr


140 lb


78 F


4 / 10
6 / 10
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First ride on new Fizik Arione Donna saddle. I think I like...but hard to tell. I was wearing a pair of shorts (PI Symphony) that I think may be overdue for retirement. It seems like every time I wear these I end up with the same sort of chafed/raw/pulling issues "down there." I would blame the new saddle, but I've BTDT and I'm starting to connect the dots...and they are leading to these shorts. They're over a year old and have been my primary pair for longer rides. Who knows how many miles are on them...maybe 2k...?

I definitely didn't feel any pressure up-front and my sit bones were perfectly happy. So I'll be interested to ride with different shorts...either my newer pair with the same chamois or my other pair from an entirely different mfg.