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6:30 AM

26.2 mi


11:20 mi


55 F


9 / 10
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My finish time was 4:56:39. I am really glad to have run it, but I didn't have the greatest day.

Arrived later than comfortable at the race, was finally out of the restroom a couple minutes before the start. So pre-race anxiety was kinda high. Ran with my training partners (all in our first marathon) to finish together.

I started out feeling hot and sluggish for about 6 miles. After a much needed potty break I felt good enough for the next 8 or 9 miles. I was uncharacteristically unfocused / unaware of which mile we were on. Missed marking about half the mile splits on my watch.

We were trying to hold our pace to around 10:30 miles but it kept creeping up - even to a minute faster per mile. But by the middle of the race, running faster than plan stopped happening. We took some walk breaks and stopped to fill/mix our drink bottles through the race.

From mile 15 or so, fatigue and pain gradually increased and was my "companion" for the rest of the race and even till we got home.

Ralph ran stronger than ever and usually led our little group up the hills. And the hills were pretty daunting. Brenda stayed strong and kept with us to the end. And at the finish, she gave a burst to finish a step ahead of us. ;-)

It seems that we passed a fair number of runners throughout the second half and most of those who passed us were doing the relay.

Race support was good. It rained after about the first hour through the rest of the race.

Now a day later, I wonder if I was halfway sick or just having a bad day.

Already wanting to run another marathon.