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13.1 mi


7:24 mi


126.2 lb


65 F

Race Result

49 / 761 (6.4%)
9 / 45 (20%)


A great race today, beating my 2011 PS Half time by over 2.5 minutes and the 'race' from 5 weeks ago by nearly 8 minutes. My target was 1:37-1:38, though I would have been happy with anything under 2011's time. My stretch goal was breaking 1:36. There are a couple of things I don't like about this race, but overall it is a very good one. The weather always seems perfect: starting around 60 and ending closer to 70, no clouds, plenty of on course support, on time, etc. Issue free race management.


My training has been good with only one really low mileage week in the last 10 weeks (3 runs). I averaged about 5 runs per week and hit highs of over 30 miles twice. I could use more harder workouts but that will come soon enough.


This may have been a better taper than I've done before. I ran four times pre run, whereas in other races I've run as few as twice. I think maybe adding some faster running midweek would have helped.

Pre Race

I only ate a banana and clif blocks before the race and that seemed fine. I did .5 miles warmup at a comfortable pace which was perfect.


My pacing was pretty good for this race. I had a few miles early in which I got a bit carried away, which led to an overall slow down as the race went on, but I'm not too worried about it. I like this course, and it wasn't as hilly as I thought it was on my 2011 race here, but I prefer perfectly flat over lots of false flats. My hips did not bother me as much as I thought they would, but there was a bit of pain that needs to be addressed. I also had some decent pain under the laces of my right shoe that is a bit worrisome. I had a few moments in the last few miles where I got very slightly dizzy and I immediately slowed down and they went away.

My fueling here was good. I had 3 water stops, the last two of which included a gel. I even really stopped for the last one to make sure I got the water, as the previous two I wasn't able to get much out of it. I wouldn't change the amount of gels I take, but I would try to either get another water break or make the ones I had more productive.

Post Race

I felt fine after the race. I did some stretching, but no running. I could and maybe should have, but the stretching felt good enough.

Garmin Splits(Time/Elevation)

1) 7:24/54

2) 7:06/-15

3) 7:34/65

4) 7:24/39

5) 7:21/-94

6) 7:05/-64

7) 7:21/-14

8) 7:20/7

9) 7:45/54

10) 7:26/3

11) 7:21/-27

12) 7:24/-21

13) 7:29/14

13.1) @6:29/1