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9:00 AM

3 mi


7:07 mi


144 lb



run was much better than swim and bike. legs felt like shit, but pace was pretty good in the end. Overall stats:

M 67 1:05.07 35 I 10 Peter

M 48 1:02.05 34 H 7 Alfredo

[modified 7/10/10 to reflect garmin's tracking of race distance]

here is my race report from tri group forum:

I completed the castaic lake sprint tri this weekend, and it was a ton of fun. It was a lot harder than I expected it being-I definitely didn't give it much respect since it was a very short "sprint". I also learned a lot. The main thing being that I really need to bike more.

The swim was very tough, despite the short (440 yards) swim being shorter than marked (there is no way I can swim that far in 5 minutes-I do 8 minutes in the pool at that distance). A lot of people trying to funnel through a narrow corridor meant the entire swim was being boxed in, punching and kicking, being punched and kicked, etc. I was out of breath 2 minutes in, which was scary. After the swim, I basically sprinted to catch up to a friend who was surprisingly right in front of me(big mistake).

My T1 took quite a long time, mostly trying to clean my feet, which I probably didn't really need to do.

As soon as I got on the bike, I was panting, another bad sign. The bike never really got better. I've averaged higher paces on rides that were much longer than this. I think it was the hills, which I've yet to practice, and the effect of a tiring swim. We did ride through a prison, which was both a surprise and cool.

My T2 was pretty quick, though I'm getting speed laces next time.

The run started with lead legs, and that never really changed. I think this was the biggest learning experience for me-I basically felt like crap for the entire race. I'm not used to that, even in a race like the HM I'll have times where I'm really cruising and feeling good. I never felt like I was moving even close to my actual pace, and couldn't believe my watch at the turnaround time (also wasn't capable of doing the math to figure out my pace-was pretty out of it). In the end, I ran very well, despite never feeling it.

My total time was 65 mins, which broke down approximately (I wasn't great about timing different splits):

5:30 (a very very short 440)

(4 mins-ish for T1)

33:30 (a possibly short 10 miles-my computer read 9.5)

(1 min-ish for T2)

21:15 (3 miles)

I think I'm hooked, and look to do an olympic in the next 4-8 weeks. What a fun sport!