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5 km


6:46 mi


150.4 lb


7 / 10
3 / 10

Race Result

60 / 1550 (3.9%)
6 / 67 (9%)
54 / 737 (7.3%)


My body has really not been feeling it for a while, despite the fact that I've been consistently hitting 3+ days a week of running for the last twelve months. I suspect this could be diet related, as I haven't eaten (non fish) meat in 3 months (which coincides directly with a decrease in monthly pace:

march 8:02 (eating meat)

april 8:07 (not)

may 8:17

june 8:21).

During warm up, I found myself not feeling that great despite running around 2.5 minutes per mile slower than I'd hoped to race. Not a good sign, and considered not even racing.

First mile was getting through the crowd, which was fine as it allowed me to not overdo it, which I frequently do. Pace picked up quite a bit as the course went downhill. Second mile paid the price for the downhill with some pretty hard uphills. Third mile was just trying to finish without slowing down too much.

Overall, really unhappy with race, though I'm glad I did it. If nothing else, it was a good workout, a reminder of what it is like to move fast (faster than normal runs, that is), and a baseline for the rest of the year.

garmin was a bit under 5k, but most seem to believe it is a legit 5k.