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3:59 PM

5.1 mi


9:47 mi


135 bpm
160 bpm
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Lake Artemesia

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Run .5 mile / walk 2 minutes. What seemed like my ankle hurt quite a bit after my previous run and in the morning yesterday. But it cleared up last night and felt almost good today. At the beginning of today's run there were a few sharp pains in the direction of the top of my foot from my ankle - anterior tibial tendon? There and especially on the other side of my ankle - peroneal tendon? - were sore enough at the end of the run that I waited until hours later to do calf exercises, which I was able to do then without pain. To my usual calf raises I added the ankle routine with bands. The next morning my peroneals were a bit sore, and after I walked they were more sore and stiff. I need to keep doing peroneal and tibialis anterior exercises and rolling, along with calf raises.