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8:00 AM

10 mi


6:17 mi


169 bpm
182 bpm


55 F
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Army 10-miler

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1:02:43 PR. Previous PR 1:02:49 in this same race 6 years ago. Paced for sub-1:02 today and went through 5 miles in 31:00 but then slowed down in the second half, especially the last 3 miles, and barely eeked out a PR. 319th OA and 23rd AG. 5k in 19:14 and 10k in 38:45. All splits are among the fastest times I've run at those distances recently. My 10k split in my previous PR was 39:02, so I did slow down more this year (by 11 seconds or 3 seconds per mile). Never felt good the whole morning. Ate one gel at 4+ miles. Got up at 5:40, left around 6:10, parked at fashion center mall, and arrived at pretty much the right time.

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15 mi

Army 10 miler