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1:51 PM

8 mi


7:19 mi


153 lb


49 F
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CUA track


2 easy, 10x400R (400 jog + rest), 1 easy. Aimed to do the reps at 1:22=5:28/mile pace=VDOT 54. But this time that wasn't so hard. I stayed just under that for all but one (#5) of the first six and then allowed myself to go faster. The mean for all 10 reps is 1:19.92. From the beginning I felt stronger than last time. Next time I need either a different R workout, a faster goal pace, or less rest. Daniels' R workouts or paces seem easier than his I workouts or paces. My right achilles had been hurting a bit since my last run, and I've been icing it. It ached a bit during my warm up today, but I forgot about it soon after the reps began.

Training Plan Entry


8 mi

2 easy; 10x 400 (400 jog); 1 easy. Pace for repetitions is 1:22=5:28/mile pace=VDOT 54. Full recoveries: can stop and walk after jogging the 400.