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7:45 AM

26.5 mi


8:02 mi


Nike Alphafly


146 bpm
169 bpm


46 F
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Richmond Marathon

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Official time 3:32:37 (8:07 pace). I was on 3:00 pace through 16 miles (halfway in 1:30:02), after which I run/walked with progressively worse GI issues. Initially my stomach just felt uneasy and I felt tired, so at each mile marker I would walk a bit and then run maybe 7:20-ish pace to the next one. But after 20 miles I couldn't make it to the next mile marker before I'd start getting a sharp pain in my gut just to the right of the middle right below my ribs. Eventually I couldn't run for more than a minute or so before this would happen, though I didn't need to walk for long to make it go away briefly. Once I felt it at all, I had to stop immediately or else it would become sharp. It was like Houston, where I was clearly dehydrated because it was warm and humid. Richmond was not bad weather, but maybe I went into the race dehydrated from not drinking enough water yesterday and this morning. In any case, this should be the impetus I need finally to change my nutrition: I need to eat and drink more before long runs and races. Maybe smoothies? Before marathons I should also be drinking so much water that I'm peeing frequently. Last night and this morning my GI system felt stuck and I was strangely dry mouthed. I felt low energy from the beginning of the race. But I still ran well for 16 miles. When the GI issues slowed me down, I didn't otherwise feel too bad and still don't now. Part of that may be because of the awesome Alphaflys. But also I'm evidently strong and managed the hills in Richmond well this time. With non-stupid eating and drinking, I clearly can still run that pace for longer.

Training Plan Entry


26.2 mi

Richmond Marathon. Get up 3 hours before the start and eat oats (as usual with PB, berries, and agave).