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9:00 AM

7.2 mi


8:02 mi


157.4 lb
145 bpm
174 bpm
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Lake Artemesia

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3 x 5:00 tempo (2:00 jogs). Drove A to school and then drove to Artemesia for this workout. Calf held up fine, perhaps because I wore the Deviates, which I guess should remain my workout shoes for now since my calf seems to prefer them for whatever reason. Tried to focus on keeping my stride even and cadence high. Pace felt harder than before, maybe because it's warmer (but not very warm or humid yet), maybe just because I only did 1/3 of a workout last week. But I got through it, even though my HR was higher and cadence eventually dropped lower than I would like.

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8 mi

3 x 5:00 @ tempo (2:00 jogs)