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5:28 PM

7 mi


7:42 mi


78 F
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Metro trail


2 warm-up, 3x1C, 2x800mSI, 1 cool-down. My actual times:

1st mile = 6:51.37

2nd mile = 6:43.93

3rd mile = 6:43.17

1st 800 = 3:12.92 (= 6:25.84 pace)

2nd 800 = 3:13.29 (= 6:26.58 pace)

According to my original 2010 paces, C is supposed to be 7:17 for one mile and SI for 800m is 3:27(=6:54 pace). Since I've been running faster lately, I figured that I'd go about 20 seconds under these. I actually went more than 30 seconds under all but the first interval. Fun, but that was too fast. I was wasted afterwards. And I took more than the allotted 2-3 minute break, walking or standing still instead of jogging. I don't know how long I took because my watch was off. So next time, wear both watches, and run slower so that you can jog during the 2-3 minutes rest. Try these paces: mile=6:55, 800m=3:16 (6:32 pace). Set Garmin on .5 mile intervals.