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8:00 AM

3.2 mi


6:04 mi


148 lb


68 F
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(175) Official time 19:11. Nice and cool but humid with light rain, which picked up at the end. Course was long, and Garmin put me at 18:49 for 5k. Not an impressive time, but look at those first two miles. I knew that I wasn't ready to run a fast time today, not having done any race pace workouts and then dealing with an injury scare. But I decided just to go out at 18:00 pace, see how it feels, and at least get a race pace workout in. Given those goals, this was encouraging. I was surprised to hold 18:00 pace for two miles. But then, not surprisingly, I was just done, and the course also had a lot of uphill in the last 2/3 of a mile. I deliberately didn't think about cadence during the race and am surprised that it's so slow. So it's clear what I need to do now: race pace workouts focusing on getting my cadence up at that pace.