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8:33 AM

13 mi


8:04 mi


149 bpm
182 bpm


61 F
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Lake Artemesia

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w/u, 7 x 1 mile (2 min. rests), c/d in new Boston 7s. Garmin measured this unevenly, but my effort was a gradual progression. This went well, aided by drier (but not cool) weather and these new shoes. I think the lack of a lateral bias on the Nike Elite 9 was causing my pes anserinus issue, so I went back to Adidas and ordered the Boston 7 even though I have a perfectly good pair of the 6. This update seems great.

Training Plan Entry


13 mi

2 mi w/u, 7 x 1 mile from 6:40-6:50 down to 6:15-6:20, rest = 2 min, 2 mi c/d