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6:40 PM

8 mi


7:52 mi


145 bpm
174 bpm


40 F
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Washington-Liberty track

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4 x 5 minutes @ 5k pace with 5 minute jog/stand recoveries. This went well. Coach said to let it rip. I went out too fast on the first lap of the first one but then slowed down and brought that interval in about right. Goal was to pick it up slightly from there. I did manage that until #4 was probably about the same as #3 if not very slightly slower. Was probably running low 5:50s in the first two and mid-high 5:40s in the second two. Wore Takumi Sens for the first time in years. Wasn't until maybe the third interval that I figured out how to run in them. Before that I was trying to run on my forefeet more than my body can sustain. Once I settled into more of a mid-foot landing, my cadence actually picked up a little and things felt smoother. They work for running fast on the track, and I'm not too beat up the next day. Asphalt might be more challenging, so I'll confine these to the track at least for now. Accidentally ate a chicken burrito afterwards.

Training Plan Entry


9 mi

4 x 5:00 @ 5K pace. 5:00 recovery