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7:13 AM

22 mi


7:29 mi


145.8 lb
143 bpm
177 bpm


61 F
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69/61 (179). Manually added a mile at 8:00 because I started my watch a mile late. Plan was to push 4 at miles 17-20 around 6:40-50. But I pushed ahead of the group around halfway because I got impatient and thought I should take advantage of the hills on Custis. So I had already run a couple miles at or below my target pace when I got to the push miles. Somehow I then just started flying in and below the 6:20s! Admittedly some of the fast miles were downhill, but others were flat and two of the miles were in opposite directions along the same stretch of trail. Was never over the red line and still felt ok during my cool down miles. This was the best I've felt on a long run in probably years. Is it a coincidence that this past week I started doing glute med exercises every day except the night before workouts? The quality of this workout is comparable to my best tempo-run-tempos, but those have always felt way harder.

Training Plan Entry


22 mi

Push 4 miles after 16 @ 6:40-6:50 pace.