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11:03 AM

4.8 mi


8:17 mi


151 lb


75 F
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Potomac Park


4 x 3/4mile (1/4mile) aiming at 5:45/mi. pace, which is 1:26.25 per 1/4mi. Summary:

(1) 4:18.67 = 5:44.9/mi.

(2) 4:22.05 = 5:49.4/mi.

(3) 4:18.48 = 5:44.6/mi.

(4) 4:18.26 = 5:44.3/mi.

avg. 4:19.37 = 5:45.8/mi.

The second interval is the outlier because it's the only one I ran into a moderate wind, and it took enough out of me that I walked for a while afterwards instead of jogging. That means the others had a moderate tail wind. My stomach was still a bit off but not enough to sideline me. My right hamstring ached, and today there's a bruise just above the back of my knee, presumably from drainage. So I don't feel 100% but could hit this pace anyway, and by the last interval it finally didn't feel so fast. I *may* be able to hold it for 5k next Saturday.