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7:30 AM

26.3 mi


7:25 mi


160 bpm
176 bpm


56 F
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Shamrock Marathon

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According to Strava, temps were 62-62 (partly cloudy) with DP 43-42 and wind 5-14mph. So it wasn't humid, but it was a bit on the warm side and a bit windy. Sometimes the wind helped cool things down, and other times it was annoying. But neither factor was too bad, just a bit out of ideal range. I went through halfway in 1:36:02, so I did run a modest positive split but without falling apart at all. It was due more to some faster, slightly downhill miles towards the beginning and some later miles with a headwind. Basically I executed this race perfectly. Given my limited training, I predicted 3:15 as the very best I could hope for, although I wasn't aiming for a time goal. My goal was not to stop running, and secondly (if I did stop) not to walk). This is my 9th fastest marathon out of 18, so right in the middle. But only 3 of those 9 faster ones were run at a relatively consistent pace (in the other 5 I was aiming for a faster time but crashed). Those were Boston (3:06) and Philly (2:58) in 2015 and Buffalo (3:09) in 2019. This was slower mainly because I only had 10 weeks of running and never got out of the 40s mileage-wise. Plus I'm 7ish pounds heavier (153ish), not to mention older. Given these factors, this race went very well. No to recover and then try gradually to get some better form back before the next one....

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26.2 mi

Shamrock Marathon (registered)