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12:24 PM

11 mi


9:43 mi


40 F


8 / 10
7 / 10
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Prairie Path


Entire run was on the Prairie Path and the result was a very uneven run. Prairie Path was far from being totally ready for running, which turned this into basically an 11 mile trail run -- uneven surfaces, hard ruts alternating with soft patches that were like running in wet sand plus some running on muddy grass to avoid pools of water on the Path. Not exactly the indoor track or even the street for that matter. By the four and a half mile mark, my legs were really aching, especially when running into the wind or on the slight upgrades. I did run strong the entire distance, but the mile paces are a little misleading as I did have to take a couple of rest breaks for my legs that I know I normally wouldn't have taken. But when I restarted, after these short breaks, I was able to still run strong.