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8:07 AM

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9:09 mi


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After a busy day yesterday moving into new place, today's workout was right back on target. Legs felt strong and full of entergy during the warm up miles. Warm up started moderately then slowly built up pace to the end of the two mile stretch. Took the the first half mile of the first interval conservatively slowly building up to 4:21 for the first half & then pick it up nicely to the finish of the first interval with the last half in 4:08. Started intervals 2 & 3 a little faster and then was able to pick it up to another level in the 2nd half mile of each of those two intervals. After the conservative first hhlaf mile, pushed it to a steady 5k effort for the remainder of the intervals. Was able to maintain the effort & let the pace slowly, but steadily climb, to the end of each interval. Cool down was comfortable and steady, mirroring the warm up. Completed the full set of exercise routines after the cool down.