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7:37 AM

7 mi


11:03 mi


28 F


5 / 10
5 / 10
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River Grove


This run started as my 18 miler with clear streets & a few snow flurries. Two miles in I got the tail end of the snow and half way into mile 3 the streets were covered, traction was horrible, and I was having trouble seeing. The snow lasted for the next two miles and although it let up after 4 miles, traction was still horrible so I made an executive decision to flip the 18 miler with Sunday's 7 mile recovery run. Forecast for tomorrow morning is a little colder, but sunny, and it looks like there will be no additional precipitation so the streets will be better for running. I felt good this morning, was running well and I still felt pretty fresh after I finished the revised workout so doing the 18 tomorrow morning shouldn't be a problem.