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12:06 PM

13 mi


9:59 mi


27 F


8 / 10
8 / 10
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Very good run. Best since getting back outside. The first nine miles included the same 3 mile loop that I did on Tuesday run twice; and those miles were very strong and very consistent. Starting in mile nine I ran a series of one way streets, alternating south to north and north to south, each one about a quarter to third of mile long. By mile 10, the wind really picked up and began gusting. This made running north to south extremely difficult. I really had to fight to push through the wind & by the half way point of those stretches into the wind my legs were feeling very uncomfortable.

On the flip side once I had the wind at my back I felt like I was just cruising. I definitely increased the effort going into the wind & only lost about 10 seconds per mile because of the headwinds. The last mile was mostly with the wind and I took advantage of that & hit my fastest mile. Overall I felt I coped really well with the elements today.