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11:50 AM

9 mi


9:30 mi


53 F


7 / 10
5 / 10
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Prairie Path


After the string of really good, well-executed runs, this one was a bit of a clunker. I felt good going into the run and the first 3 miles were spot on. The "comfortably hard" portion was another story. The first mile was o.k., but I definitely started to struggle half way into mile 2. After that I could never establish a consistent "comfortably hard" running rhythm and didn't seem to be able to hit another gear. I finished the final four miles as well as I was able and was even able to push the pace a notch in mile 5. The running in those final four miles was "hard" but never "comfortable.

The cool down mile was fine. Overall it wasn't that bad a run, just not as good as my runs over the past month have been and not what I expected going in. Since I didn't really change anything going into this workout or have any unusual stressors, I can't pinpoint any reason why I struggled today. So rather than dwell on it, I'm just going to chalk it up as today not being my day and focus instead on getting myself ready for a good run on Saturday. Finished pedestals with lifts x 2, Grant Green, Core X (30 seconds) & leg circuit 2 after the run.