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3.2 mi


9:03 mi

Race Result

385 / 1700 (22.6%)
2 / 31 (6.5%)
68 / 721 (9.4%)
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Titans 5K


Well, that was ridiculously hard. And FUN. 100 percent humidity and rain and more hills than I thought. Super crowded at start, raining, walkers.. the whole shebang that you get at these mega 5Ks. Didn't wear a watch, but suspect mile 1 was too fast. Mile 3 killed me.

Run through the Titans helmet and finishing on the 50 was fab. Had hoped to win AG for the football, but some old hag passed me in last half mile. Oh wellz. Goal was sub-29 and win AG, but I'll take 2nd and time goal.

Young guy parked next to me was super agog at my time since "You're older than my dad, and he's a runner and ran 32 minutes!"

Lolz. Slow and old, but I'm still racing, MFers.