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8:00 AM

26.2 mi


9:04 mi


128 lb

Race Result

55 / 200 (27.5%)
8 / 58 (13.8%)


I knew going into this that this would not be my best best race, and it wasn't. These past 2 years of training and racing hard have caught up with me, and now, my dear Boobs, I need a break. Tired.

Could feel my achilles/heel only 3 miles into the race, so just decided to cruise rather than race. I'll admit it now that the Monkey's over. I have an injury that needs some rest. Sheesh.

Even so, made it in under 4 hours and won the Master's. 8th woman overall, and passed 2 chicks in the last 4 miles. And if this course were certified, I just qualified for Boston again. At the Monkey. And so, I leave you with a half-hearted What now, Bitches.

p.s...Had a GREAT time. This is, hands down, my favorite marathon evah.